There are 3/4〃 gas-discharge ball valves at the top of the overflow pipe.  the valves are used to prevent the overflow pipes from siphon phenomenon. It should be halted when start up the desander. And it should be keep open while the machine is working normally.

Normal operation Debugging of the desilter cyclone:make sure the capacity effect of the cyclone by debugging the inlet pipe pressure (0.20-0.40Mpa). Caution: a stability inlet pipe pressure is an important condition for the normal operation of cyclones.

Cyclones with different specifications under different inlet pressure are corresponding to a certain separating scale and separation efficiency. When the proportion of the mud is changing, the larger the inlet pressure, the larger capacity to mud treatment, and the smaller separation particles. is the owner of the article on Decanter Centrifuge and decanter centrifuge for sale, pls click here to know more info.