GN Solids Control has been working in the
solids control equipment design and manufacturing for many years, with an
engineer team of more than 20 years experiences, GN Solids Control is familiar
with the solids
control shale shakers
, and also more professional in shaker screens than
other shaker screen companies.

The shaker screen’s quality affects the
shale shaker’s performance:

1. When the screen mesh is of better
material and well sealed, the service life of each screen is longer, and
enhances the whole efficiency of shale shakers. GN Solids Control use high
quality SS304 or SS316 for mesh cloth material of shaker screen
from reliable supplier.                                             

2. the rubber chosen for the shaker screens
Is important also, if the rubber is too hard, it couldn’t serve well for
sealing and the cushion function is less active. While if the rubber is too
soft, it could be easily worn. GN has tested its shaker screens on their own
shakers and also GN clients has used GN screens on their shakers of many

3. the glue used between the screen mesh
and screen frame is important also, GN Solids Control chooses
an brand from North American supplier for the glues.

4. the screen frame material and screen
frame welding determines the service life of shaker screens. For shaker screen
frames GN has 2 options, the steel frame one and the composite material one. Both
welt by professional

Now, some of GN produced shaker screens are
for GN’s own shakers, and some are ordered by old clients for other USA or
European brands. Some other equipment manufacturers ask GN to help design the
suitable structure for their customized and special screens. And GN screens are
enjoying good fame. If you have inquiry, welcome to visit our website or
contact sales directly.