decanter centrifuge

As solids control equipment manufacturer,GN aim to be best supplier for every oil company,learn about phylogeny of it is one of our works

“Seven Sisters” was a common term for the seven multinational oil companies of the “Consortium for Iran” oligopoly or cartel, which control most market of global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s to the mid-1970s. nearly as the seven mythological Pleiades sisters fathered in the titan Atlas, this name was most called in the 1950s through businessman Enrico Mattei, as the-head of the Italian state oil company Eni.

GN solids control given attention on this history to reference and running solids control market better

The industry group consisted of:

  1. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company(now British Petroleum)
  2. Gulf Oil(become part of Chevron later)
  3. Royal Dutch Shell
  4. Standard Oil Company of California(Short name Socal,now Chevron)
  5. Standard Oil Company of New Jersey(Esso, become Exxon later)
  6. Standard Oil Company of New York(Short name Socony, become Mobil later, now becomed part of ExxonMobil)
  7. Texaco(merged into Chevron later)

Whit the time going,the market always waving,here is the new Seven Sister:

Before 1973 oil crisis, the Seven Sisters controlled around 85% of the world’s petroleum reserves.After that, the market has shifted to the OPEC cartel and state-owned oil and gas companies in emerging-market economies, such asGazprom (Russia), Saudi Aramco, China National Petroleum Corporation, NationalPDVSA (Venezuela),ranian Oil Company,Petrobras (Brazil),Petronas (Malaysia). In 2007,it was called”the new Seven Sister

According to consulting firm PFC Energy,until 2012, only 7% of the world’s already known oil reserves were in countries that allowed private international companies free rein. Fully 65% were in the hands of state-owned companies.

Oil company may change follow market,but GN solid as the equipment supplier,will always developing to catch market.

Solids control equipment will not just shale shaker and centrifuge,GN will keep fresh product line to give better support to every client

As China top brand for solids control & drilling waste management manufacturer, GN Solids have awarded the certificate of API, ISO 9001, HSE, CE and CR-TU. With these certificates, GN product can be accepted by many countries, and this is road for GN products going to each rig for service.

With CE certificate, GN got one big order from Europe requiring 3sets shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. The order will be used to replace the old solids control equipment in 3sets oil drilling rigs. Why the clients choose GN Solids?  Below chapters will give you more information.

Decanter centrifuge is wise choice for liquid solids separation solution which can separate +5microns solids particles. If the client need to separate more fine solids, can add chemical enhancement equipment like flocculent unit to coagulate the smaller particles to big ones, then separated again by decanter centrifuge. Thus, the total solids content can be reduced remarkably.

GN has many different model shale shakers for option. Different area drilling operation may need different models. For example,

  • mining/diamond drilling project may require two panel screen shale shaker;
  • workover oil rig may require three panel screen shale shaker;
  • HDD project / water well drilling may also require three panel shale shaker
  • Big oil drilling rig may require three panel or four panel screen shale shaker
  • The drilling contractor can choose proper shale shaker model as per the technical request and budget.

As China high end solids control equipment, GN win good reputation in worldwide market with high quality & good price. Based on the many years brand accumulation, even during the low oil price period, GN can have good development.

1) About 1million oily sludge treatment project for Middle East

This is the first time to build oily sludge treatment system by GN Solids Control. With the help from client, GN design and modify the equipment configurations many times, and finally satisfy the need of client. The system is under commissioning in jobsite, GN sales people, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer are working for the commissioning at jobsite, together with clients.

The oily sludge treatment system mainly including feeding system, Pre-mixing and heating system, screening separation module, centrifuge module, chemical dosing module, three phase separation module, micro-bubble separation module, solids washing module etc.

We shall update to potential clients with sludge system working performance, and jobsite working videos.