desanding plant

Desanding plant is used to treat the mud in piling/mining or other construction field. Normally, this field don’t have much higher separation requirement as oil drilling mud treatment. With desanding plant, the 80% particles +40-70microns can be separated. This is OK for the job, and much lower cost compared with other mud treatment equipment.

Recently, we have got one order of 2sets desanding plant from domestic client. The client have used GNMS-500D desanding plant about 2 years before. They get new contract at the beginning of this year, and require more construction equipment for the job.

Compared with two years ago, we optimize the design with better performance; but sales price remains same. The working process of GN desanding plant described as following:

1) The vertical slurry pump will be installed in mud pit or waste mud tank

2) The vertical slurry pump will suck the mud and feeding to the shaker in the desanding plant down deck screen, screen mesh size about 40microns, to separate the big solids particles in the mud.

3) After that, the clean mud will drop down to the mud catch tank beneath. Then, the centrifugal pump will suck the mud and feeding to the cyclones above, to separate the small particles, about +40-70microns.

4) After the cyclones, the clean mud will drop down to the shaker screen, for another round recycling. After several times recycling, the mud is clean enough. The centrifugal pump can transfer the clean mud out to the work machine to reuse.

The model of GN desanding plant including:

  • GNMS-200D desanding plant, with 200gpm centrifugal pump (15kw motor), and 4each 4inch desilter cyclones.
  • GNMS-500D desanding plant, with 500gpm centrifugal pump (37kw motor), and 1ea 10inch desander cyclone
  • GNMS-1000D  desanding plant, with 1000gpm centrifugal pump (55kw motor), and 2ea 10inch desander cyclones.

If you have any request of desanding plant or mud system, pls contact GN Solids freely.