GN Verticle Cutting Dryer

The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to environmental pollution. Drilling operations generate a lot of waste, including drilling cuttings, and oil sludge. This waste can pollute the soil, water, and air.

One way to reduce the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry is to use cutting dryers. Cutting dryers are a type of centrifugal separator that uses a rotating drum to separate solids from drilling fluid. The solids are then dried and can be disposed of safely. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that is generated from drilling operations.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryers is a leading manufacturer of cutting dryers for the oil and gas industry. The main model,  GNCD930G, cutting dryers are designed to be highly efficient and easy to operate. They are also made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of drilling operations. We supply ATEX, IECEX and China Ex proof standard motors with control panels for Vertical Cutting Dryers.

In addition to reducing waste, GN 930G Vertical Cutting Dryers also help to improve the quality of drilling fluids. This is because the solids that are removed from the fluids can clog filters and pipes. Removing these solids helps to keep the fluids flowing smoothly and prevents problems like blocks with the drilling equipment.

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer features a hard-faced rotor (HRC 65) with individually balanced flights and rotor assembly for longer life. It also has a specially designed stainless steel screen for better separation, longer life, and easy replacement. The screen is individually balanced and can be replaced without changing the frame.

The dryer also has a special high-pressure air knife design to clean the basket screen automatically, avoiding screen blinding, especially for high-viscosity mud and water-based mud. It also has an all-around flushing system through specially designed nozzles to avoid the blocking of the liquid discharge channel.

Finally, the dryer has an individual oil lubrication system with an automatic alarm for pressure limit. The main motor and oil pump motor are interlocked with each other to prevent the main motor from starting before the oil pump motor.

If you need more information about a cutting dryer in the oil-based mud treatment project, please contact me at for more details. GN is a reliable cutting dryer manufacturer and supplier.

The GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer (VCD) is a solids control equipment specially designed to treat OBM and SBM waste. It uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. The VCD can reduce the moisture content of cuttings to below 5%, which helps to reduce waste volume and meet environmental objectives.

The VCD is typically used in conjunction with a decanting centrifuge. The centrifuge further reduces the moisture content of the recovered mud, making it easier to transport and dispose of.

Most clients choose to mount the VCD and centrifuge on a telescopic skid. This allows the equipment to be easily moved and transported. The recovered solid mud from the centrifuge can drop into the tanks below, without requiring a transfer pump.

The VCD is fed with a 4kW screw pump. The centrifuge is fed with a 7.5kW screw pump. Both pumps are made by the German company NETZSCH. The major components of the pumps are made in Germany and assembled in China.

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