HG dryer

GN Solids Control recently just offer some HG dryer, decanter centrifuge and mud tanks to Middle East clients. They win the tender with our solids control proposal and bought from us the equipment.

363C (2)

The former stage requirements, including below.

14inch decanter centrifuges, 2each

HG dryer and the shaker screens, 1each

Vacuum unit

Sided Collection Tank

  1. a)Dimensions of;
  2.         Width: 3m – to allow access of loader to remove cuttings
  3.         Length: 6m – or appropriate size

iii.        Height: >1.5m (or sized to allow drying shaker discharge)

  1. b)Ramp or sloped access to allow loader to drive in to load cuttings
  2. c)Solid steel construction and back-sloped bottom to contain excess fluid
  3. d)Collection point for discharge of drying shaker and active system centrifuge

14inch centrifuge

Hopper & Conveyor

A hopper and conveyor system to install next to the remote waste pit to allow cuttings to be conveyed in to the center of the pit

  1. a)Hopper width at least 3m to allow loader to dump cuttings without spill
  2. b)Conveyor length sufficient to deposit cuttings 20 – 25m from edge of pit
  3. c)Power requirements compatible with generator, or independent diesel driven

Skid mounted system for HG dryer.

50 bbls fluids holding tank for HG dryer.

Air operated wash gun

Finally, the clients give GN purchase orders, including:

2 sets GNLW363CG decanter centrifuges, with belt pulley and belt to adjust the bowl speed, and 3200RPM /2500RPM / 2200RPM bowl speed available.

2 sets telescopic skid with screw pump for feeding the centrifuge, the skid height can be adjusted to 2meter or 3.3meter, which much convenient for the user installation.

1 set HG dryer with necessary qty shaker screens. GN 4 panel shaker screen is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker, reliable working performance and good price.

1 sets spare parts for the operation of centrifuges, High G dryers.

As the leading brand of solids control, GN always give best support to our old clients and new clients.

363C (2)