Oil Sludge Treatment system

GN Soilds Control is a well-known manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment in China. As the country’s requirements for clean production of oil fields become more stringent, especially the solid waste treatment of oily sludge is top-ranked by major oil refining and environmental protection enterprises. In the event of major events, many customers in the petroleum industry have gradually paid attention to the treatment of oily sludge. Therefore, based on years of experience in solid-liquid separation, GN Soilds Control has introduced integrated oily sludge treatment based on market demand. System and equipment, and widely used in domestic and foreign markets.   The oily sludge treatment equipment sent to Uganda site has fully met the customer’s requirements for oily sludge treatment after two months of commissioning and repeated experiments. The processing results far exceeded the customer’s expectations and obtained The customer is highly praised.

At present, for the treatment of oily sludge, GN Soilds Control adopts the screening of coarse particles in the early stage, which separates the large solid phase particles in the material, and then reduces the oil content of the solid phase by multiple heat washing processes. Fine separation by high-speed decanter centrifuge reduces the oil content in the solid phase to less than 3%, meeting customer’s requirements for processing results, and meeting customer expectations of 10 cubic meters per hour. The integrated oil-containing sludge treatment device has the advantages of low operating cost, simple operation and low maintenance cost, and is the best solution for the treatment of oily sludge.

The first stage separation of the system is a two-layer mud vibrating screen. When the mud enters the lower layer of the screen, large solids will be separated from the mud. Fine solids and mud will fall into the tank, and the mud will pass through the centrifuge. The pump draws in two hydrocyclones that work like a sand remover to separate the solids size to 40 microns. The solids separated by the hydrocyclone will fall onto the upper deck of the shale shaker and the solids will be further dried for disposal. The clean mud separated by the hydrocyclone will fly back to the tank and be pumped back to the wellbore for reuse and recycling. The basic configuration of the mud recovery system is a two-layer mud shaker, two hydrocyclones for sand removal, a centrifugal pump, a mud tank and some other components.

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