shaker screen

To optimize the production and management, GN Solids separate the workshop for centrifuge and shaker screen. Now, GN have first factory for administration, workshop for generally solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, various pumps, screw conveyors, mud tanks etc. and the second factory is specialized for centrifuge, shaker screen and vertical cuttings dryer processing, production and storage.

1) Centrifuge production and storage
GN centrifuge is processed by high end CNC machine in the new workshop, and can produce various model centrifuges, including:
9inch mini centrifuges for mining / diamond drilling
14inch popular model centrifuges for solids control / drilling waste management
18inch big capacity centrifuges for barite recovery / fast cutting mud weight
22inch big bowl centrifuge for waste management / waste water treatment
30inch huge bowl centrifuge for waste management/ waste water treatment/ subway construction / huge TBM machine etc
Now, we have large quantity of 14inch bowl in stock to give fast delivery to clients with urgent project needs. This model centrifuge is replacement centrifuge model to Swaco 518 or Swaco 414 centrifuge, as well as Derrick centrifuges Derrick DE1000FHD centrifuge.
Pls contact GN Solids for quotation if you have any requirements.

2) Shaker screen production and storage
GN has over 5 sets shaker screen production line for the shaker screen production and proper space for the storage.
The shaker screen production line including: edge cuttings and position platform, hot press machine, screen pretension machine, etc.
If requested by client, we can offer the production line and offer engineers to help on the installation, commissioning and training on how to produce different model shaker screens.
For now, the popular shaker screens model including:
Replacement screen for Derrick FLC shakers, eg. FLC 500 or FLC 2000 shakers, Hyperpool shakers.
Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shakers
Replacement screen for NOV brandt cobra shakers, venom shakers, LCD-2M shakers, etc.
Replacement screen for FSI 5000 shaker, etc.

If you have any request for shale shaker screens, pls contact GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control is China leading brand for solids control, waste management and shaker screens. For now, we have 5 shaker screen production line to support the market, can produce all the popular model screens. For example, replacement screen for Derrick shakers, for NOV brandt shakers, or for Swaco Mongoose shakers.

GN Solids Can not only offer shaker screen, but also can offer the shaker screen production line to solids control service company or mud service company. The company can get technical support from GN, as well as 3years’s certificate approval from GN. If you come across this chapter and interested in the shaker screen production line, welcome you contact GN Solids Control.

GN shaker screen

Why buy shaker screen from GN?
1) GN is original manufacturer for replacement shaker screen. We can control the raw material from the beginning, to ensure the finished product quality. Compared with US brand original screen, GN screen can show the same or better working performance, and lifetime. Compared with other China brand, GN screen is much better as GN is the leading brand, much more professional.
2) GN can offer same quality screen as to original US brand screen; the price is almost one thirds or one fourth, can save lots of cost for clients.
3) GN can also offer other solids control equipment, from shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, agitator, centrifugal pump, to decanter centrifuge. You can buy the full package of solids control equipment from GN.
4) GN have international sales service points,
GN Solids America, to serve the North America and South America area.
GN solids Russia, to serve the Russia and neighbor countries who are Russia Speaking.
GN Solids also have many years’s cooperation agent in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Australia etc. The client can buy from GN agent / GN partners.
5) If the client buy large quantity from GN Solids Control, we can offer shale shaker or decanter centrifuge in much better price with big discount.

Welcome to Contact GN Solids Control. Thanks for reading.

Shaker screen is wearing parts for shaker, and need in large quantity during drilling operation. But there are too many shaker screen supplier and it is hard for client to judge the screen quality. As China leading brand for solids control and shaker screen, we give some recommendations here.


No.1 Get some screen sample for trial before order.

This suggest is based on long term cooperation and don’t need the screen for urgent project. Generally, the client may need one month to get the screen sample, test it and get the results. Then, may need another one to two month to buy large quantity screens. If you would take this advice, pls make sure you have enough time.

No. 2 Come to check the company hardware and software, check the screen production line

If you are drilling company, or other type big company have continuous requirement for the screen, and would build relationship or agent with the screen supplier, we suggest that you can come to check the factory, check the production line of the company, making sure they are original screen supplier, not trading company.

No. 3 check the catalog and website of the supplier carefully

If you are urgent, don’t have for screen trail, don’t have time flying from on country to another, you may request the company submitting the quotation, screen catalog, screen datasheet, screen website, and the former screen order from other client if they accept.

No. 4 try best to cooperate with solids control equipment & shaker screen company

As screen is only small part for solids control, and most value is coming from solids control equipment. We recommend you to buy shaker screen from shaker screen & solids control company. If they are only shaker screen company,  generally they are not able to support the total solids control package.

GN Solids Control can not only offer shaker screen, but also can offer solids control equipment. We welcome you come to China to check GN shaker screen production line and GN factory for other solids control equipment production.

Shaker screen size is accurately defined by API size, it is range of separation points. But many client ask price of shaker screen in mesh number. How can we conversion the mesh number to API size? Different shaker screen have different calculation method. GN screen API size and separation points, pls check from GN website:

GN Solids Control is China leading brand for solids control & shaker screens. Given the popular shale shaker models in the oil drilling market, we can offer below shaker screens to meet the most requirements from the drilling clients.

  • Replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, or other type SWACO shakers.
  • Replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC 500/ FLC48/30 shale shakers, or other type Derrick shakers.
  • Replacement shaker screen for NOV Brandt king cobra shaker / VENOM shaker, or other type Brandt shakers.
  • Replacement shaker screen for FSI 5000 shale shakers/ Scomi shale shakers.

If the client can offer the shaker screen photo and screen size, we can also customize for the not common screen models.

We have GN shaker screen brochure with all type shaker screens we can offer, and technical specifications. If you need, pls send email to

14inch centrifuge

For other type equipment for solids control, we can offer many different types which is equivalent and replacement to US brand. Take below models as sample

1) GN 4 panel shale shaker, is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker.

The screen size, screen qty, shaker screen locking method, shaker deck length, working performance etc. are same between GN shale shaker and Swaco shale shaker.  This is why we say this two model are equivalent and replacement.

2) GN 14inch bowl size decanter centrifuge, equivalent to Swaco 518 centrifuge / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge.

GN 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge have the same bowl size, and similar treating capacity to the US brand centrifuge mentioned in the title.

If you need more information, pls contact us freely.

Shale shaker tank is the first phase separation in drilling mud system. The performance is mainly based on the shale shaker quality, and the shaker quality is mainly based on the shaker screen working performance.

GN Solids Control is complete line solids control equipment company, even the shaker screen, it is produced by GN own workshop. We welcome visitors to check GN screen workshop in suburb of Beijing, China.

1) What kinds of shaker GN can offer ?

GN can offer shale shaker as per client’s request. We even can design shaker for client if required in large quantity. For standard items, GN have 3 type shaker model for option.

First model: 2 panel mini shale shaker, mainly used for diamond drilling / mining / piling etc. Small capacity required for shale shaker.

Second model: 3panel shale shaker, which can be used for oil drilling mud system, workover rig system, HDD etc. This model shaker is popular as good price and less consumption on shaker screen quantity. But the performance will not as good as 4 panel shakers.

Third model: 4 panel shale shaker, having similar application field as 3 panel shale shaker. With the longer shaker deck, the working performance will be much better than 3 panel shaker. However, the consumption on shaker screens will also higher cost.

14inch centrifuge

2) What kinds of shaker screen GN can offer ?

Firstly, GN can offer all shaker screen model for GN own shale shaker type.

Secondly, GN can offer many popular replacement shaker screen for US brand shale shakers. Including:

Replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC500/2000 shakers

Replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shakers

Replacement shaker screen for NOV brandt king cobra /VSM shakers.

Replacement shaker screen for FSI5000 shakers / SCOMI shakers

The client can also offer screen photo with size drawing, we can customize screen for clients.