vertical cuttings dryer

The GN drilling cuttings Solidification/Stabilization unit required is easily operated and maintained, also since it’s adjustable preset capacity, it works continuously and automatically, so it needs relatively few man-hours, moreover, no chemical waste that requires further treatment is produces. This produces an environmentally safe, dry material that is acceptable for onsite, or land farming disposal at an approved waste facility. Solidification of wastes involves the production of a solid mass having the sufficiently high structural integrity to allow transport and /or disposal of the solid without requiring secondary containment. This technology converts hydrologic sensitive liquid and semi-liquids waste in a physical form that can be stored safely.

Stabilization involves the immobilization of constituents in wastes by chemical alteration to form insoluble compounds, or by entrapment within the solidified product.


GN Drilling Cuttings Solidification or Stabilization Unit

1) Drilling waste collection hopper collects all the drill cuttings & drilling waste, which is transported to the mixing chamber by the underneath screw conveyor at pre-set capacity.

2) The cement storage box is keeping cement powder, through the tubular screw conveyor, powders are sent to the mixer at pre-set capacity.

3) In the same way, the absorber is kept in a box, then sent to the mixer by tubular screw conveyor.

4) There is 2ea 1.5inch liquid inlet, for water feeding, liquid chemical feeding, located beside the mixer inlet.

5) The high-shear mixer mixes all the material and push to the front at the same time. When the solids go to the discharge port, it is already mixed sufficiently, then discharge.

Drilling waste is solidified by our innovative blending technology and can be processed continually on-site. The dosing rates of the absorber and the sludge cements powder can be adjusted accordingly. After processed, the drilling cuttings are eco-friendly and environmentally safe for disposal.

We have lots of clients from overseas to inquiry shaker screens. The shaker screen is much different from different China supplier. We strongly recommend client to check the supplier factory before purchase, or to test some samples before big quantity order.

1) If you are clients from Asia Pacific, or Middle East, or Africa, or Russia area,

We recommend you come to China check GN factory and GN production line of shaker screen. During the visiting, the client can have a complete knowledge of GN production strength and thus compare with other screen suppliers, and make wise decision finally.

Some clients only focus on price and buy the cheapest one. These kinds of contract generally will lead to screen performance failure in the rig site, leading to big loss in for the drilling company.


2) If you are clients in North America or South America, we recommend you come to GN Solids America facility to check. You can talk with our managers there, and check the real products. Test some samples in several pcs first, then we have confidence that you will satisfy with the working performance.

Except for shaker screen, you can also see other GN Solids Control product in GN Solids America warehouse. Vertical cuttings dryer is the key product to treat the drilling cuttings. If you need it urgent, we can arrange shipment very fast to any countries in North America or South America.

Decanter centrifuge, we have fixed speed centrifuge and variable speed centrifuge there. Fixed speed centrifuge with three speed option, to apply for different job condition, price is much better. If the budget is enough, we recommend variable speed centrifuge which speed can be adjusted very convenient.

There are also some centrifugal pumps, screw pumps and mud hoppers there. We welcome clients to check GN Solids America.

0519 gn solids control china factory

GN Solids Control has lots of visitors every year, from different areas of the world, including Russia, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Israel, Iraq, South Africa, Romania, Argentina, Brazil etc. Some of them may require decanter centrifuges for mud service, some of them may require shale shakers, and other solids control equipment to replace the old ones at rigsite, some of them may just try to bought one new rig and want to match the solids control system with the rigs.

Recently, we have one client coming to China and visited us again. The client has bought some sets of centrifuge in past years and tries to buy more sets centrifuge and cuttings dryer for future projects. For the details, we will talk with client when he arrives at our office.

DNV CE Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge has a much wide application. With rotation high G force, it can separate the much fine solids from liquid; the separation efficiency is accepted by professionals in different areas. As a centrifuge professional manufacturer, we focus on oilfield service centrifuge, including centrifuge for solids control, centrifuge for barite recovery, centrifuge for oily sludge treatment etc. From this year, we also developed many other kinds of centrifuge, pls check more from GN industry centrifuges website:

GN Vertical cuttings dryer is another kinds of centrifuges. It is mainly used to recover the valuable oil based mud from the waste cuttings. General working flow: cuttings (discharged from shale shakers) transfer (via screw conveyor) to vertical cuttings dryer, after cuttings dryer, the recovered valuable oil based mud can go back to active mud system for reuse, the dry cuttings can be collected by skips, much easier for transportation.

If local policy need the oil on cuttings below 1%, thermal desorption unit is necessary. We recommend the cuttings can be outsource to TDU service companies. This is much easier for handle. If the client buy new TDU for the project, it is really much higher cost. However, GN can also offer TDU, pls check from GN website of TDU.


GN Solids Control product line including: solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment and replacement shaker screens for popular model shale shakers. Among the product, there are three kinds of product which is in hot sales.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge can be used for solids control and drilling waste management. Each drilling rig need at least one to two decanter centrifuge to adjust the mud weight. Formerly, the clients always like US brand centrifuge and rent service from the local centrifuge company. Because, purchase cost is too much higher than renting. But now, more and more clients like to buy centrifuge for their own from GN Solids Control. They may just need one year renting cost, they can get one new centrifuge from GN Solids Control. Price is really good.

Regarding the quality, GN only target on high quality equipment, and we have about 200sets annual sales amount and the working performance of GN decanter centrifuge is accepted by lots of drilling company, big oil service companies, mud service and engineering companies etc.

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2) Vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for drilling waste management, to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shaker, transfer by screw conveyor and feeding for vertical dryer. With up to 420G force, the vertical dryer can separate the solids from waste and recover the clean fluids for reuse. The vertical dryer is mostly used for oil based mud drilling cuttings; and High G dryer is mostly used for water based mud drilling cuttings.

Generally, one decanter centrifuge is also necessary after vertical cuttings dryer, to reduce the much fine solids from the drilling mud.


3) Replacement shaker screen

GN Solids Control can offer high quality replacement shaker screen for below type shakers:

  • Replacement shaker screen for US brand Derrick FLC shakers, Derrick FLC500 and Derrick FLC2000
  • Replacement shaker screen for US brand MI SWACO Mongoose shakers
  • Replacement shaker screen for US brand NOV brandt king cobra shakers.