water slurry treatment

As the market leader in the application of separation and solids control technologies, GN Solids Control has been keeping releasing edge-cutting solutions to the market. In 2019 it releases its high performance de-watering system for water slurry treatment.

This system consists of mature equipment and advanced control policy & algorithm, which are the foundation for the following features:

  1. Maximum dryness achievable in the industry
  • By using mature and field proved equipment such as high-G shale shakers and high performance decanter centrifuges. GN is one of the few manufacturers which carries full series of decanter centrifuges from 9” to 30” bowl diameters;
  • GN has advanced test lab to perform complex analysis of the object to be separate from water and derive the best concentration and dosing for the maximized dryness of soil separated;
  1. Maximized efficiency of dewatering process
  • By benefiting from lab analysis, GN is capable of configuring the work load of each and every equipment in the system so as to achieve maximized dryness while keeping equipment to work at its maximum efficiency;
  1. Maximized automation process to reduce operation cost by:

GN Solids Control plans very carefully of system flow to reduce operation cost of the owner

  • Minimize man-hour needed by taking all the aspect of operation into consideration to make human interference as less as possible
  • Minimized electrical power used by idling all the electrical equipment not in use to save electrical power
  • Customized dosing amount with the work load of decanter centrifuge
  • Higher sales price for dryer soils and clearer water
  1. Maximize safety measures
  2. Maximized service life
  3. Local support team
  • Have local support team available to respond to the request of clients
  • Access remotely of the system (with owner’s permission) to diagnose and trouble shot issues at minimized time span;

GN Solids Control is your reliable and accountable turn-key solution provided illustrated by the successful money making and society benefiting projects in the US and Canada.