As leading manufacturer for solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control already successfully become super star brand and take hands with lots of drilling companies from Russia, Middle East, Africa, Arabic, Europe, USA etc. To extend our business scope, GN will open China largest shaker screen factory in suburb of Beijing. Once started, the month production capacity can reach to 10000pcs totally. The screen model can cover most of popular shaker screen models in all over the world for shale shakers.


The main shaker screen model, will cover:
1) replacement shaker screen for Derrick 500 shakers / Derrick 2000 shakers.
2) replacement shaker screen for MI-Swaco Mongoose shakers, both composite material and steel frame will be available.
3) replacement shaker screen for brandt king cobra
4) replacement shaker screen for Triflow International mud system
5) replacement shaker screen for Mud Tech MCT800 mud system
Except above mentioned screen, GN Solids also accept customize screen order. As the client can provide screen photos, screen dimension drawing, we can customize for client with better price and stable quality.


GN Solids Control also have its own model shale shaker, 2 panel shaker, 3 panel shaker and 4 panel shaker available.
GNZS752 is GN 2 panel shale shaker which is used for diamond drilling or coal drilling, some smaller drilling rigs.
GNZS703 is GN 3 panel shale shaker which is used for workover drilling rigs, or water well drilling rigs. Some oil drilling rigs also choose this 3 panel shale shaker.
GNZS594 is GN 4 PANEL shale shaker which is used for oil & gas drilling rigs. This 4 panel shale shaker is the most popular shaker model with stable quality and reasonable price. It is can also used for drilling waste management, to treat the waste drilling mud discharged from shale shaker and recycle the valuable drilling mud for reuse.


GN ShakerScreen