A total drilling rig system usually contains drilling floor block, mud solids control block and recovery, mud pump and power block. Concerning these, the mud solids control and recovery block is composed of drilling mud recycling and drilling waste cuttings system. This block can be used to maximally recover the valuable drilling mud as well as decrease the waste discharge. 

The drilling waste cuttings management system occasionally called the further treatment method for solids control. Since the cuttings was delivered from out interface of the primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner towards the cuttings dryer device. The principal equipment for drilling waste cuttings recovery consists of cuttings transferred equipment, Verti G cuttings dryer, feeding pump and decanter centrifuge.

The cuttings transferred devices is being regarded as a bridge connecting the primary solids control system to the waste management unit. The typical and well-liked approach to transfer the cuttings is to utilize the screw conveyor and hose pump.

What is the Difference of the screw conveyor and hose pump

The screw conveyor itself has a gathering groove and the screw propeller push the cuttings to the Verti G cuttings dryer. Since the screw conveyor is engineered to shift the cuttings around an upright line. Usually, on the spot, there are not just 1 unit screw conveyor, several unit screw conveyors are situated crossing with certain angles so as to the waste cuttings can be delivered to the cuttings dryer. While the cuttings dryer feeding port is high, the screw conveyor is sloping. Subsequently if the waste cuttings are high liquid content, the liquid might be regurgitate and overflow off the conveyor.

The hose pump is a new, multifunction and multipurpose industrial pump. There is a particularly made rubber hose with smooth inside and high strength installed in the pump body. The hose pump has a exclusive structure with no sealing aspect, no leakage and no pollution. It has a high suction capability, self-cleaning capability, sucking material in two instructions. The hose installed in quite simple and operation is effortless, and the maintenance charge is low. The most essential is no block when pumping fluid with high viscosity and foreign substance content.

The drilling waste cuttings transferring equipment is important throughout the operation. GN Solids Control has applied both of the screw conveyor and hose pump in the design of the drilling waste management system, for more information and facts, please get in touch with GN freely.