Before providing mud system proposal with drawing or quotation, normally the professional supplier will ask questions as below:

1) What is your maximum well borehole depth? and what is the maximum well borehole diameter ? With this two data, we can calculate the storage tanks volume which is required for the mud cleaning system
2) What is your mud pump flow rate? The mud cleaning system capacity should be matched with mud pump flowrate.
3) What is the horse power of the drilling rig?
4) We can offer your shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump etc. If you are convenient to fabricate the mud tank locally, we can offer the drawing with dimensions. In this case, you may compare the local fabrication cost and the cost bought from us, and the client can choose better one.

gn mud cleaning system

After we have accurate response from client, we can offer professional proposal with quotation and drawings.

GN Solids Control have been working in drilling mud treatment area for many years and can handle different conditions in proper method. And we recommend client buy mud system directly from original manufacturer- GN SOLIDS CONTROL. Pls don’t buy from trading company or any intermediate company, which may lead to lots of trouble during maintenance.

Recently, we have one client who has bought one smaller 200gpm mud system via trading company, but the actual need is 500 to 700gpm mud system, and now he is faced with losing money of the former small mud system. And ask help from us. What we can do is to provide an correct size and proper treating capacity mud system to the client.

After more and further discussion with clients, our chief engineer give proposals with mud system configuration as below:

1) 3 panel longer deck shale shaker with gap screen.
The screen hole is 1mm, much wide then mesh screen. This design can avoid the block in former experience. And also offer much longer lifetime.

2) 3 panel mud cleaner with desander cones and desilter cones.
The desander cones and desilter cones can separate the solids in 2 steps per the diameter. And after this unit, the drilling mud can go to mixing tank for chemical mixing and adjustment for reuse.



GN ShakerScreen