We have over 70%
project from oil & gas drilling. The other 30% sales amount is from
HDD/CBM/WATER WELL DRILLING application, we offer compact
mud system
for this area and the feedback is very good. Recently, we have
one 350gpm standard design mud system for sale. The mud system can used for HDD
drilling / CBM drilling / water well rig drilling. The 350gpm mud system


1) one mud tank with all the solids
removal equipment upsides.

2) one double
deck shaker with 4ea 4’’ desilter
cones. The drilling mud can be treated by double deck shaker first, then
centrifugal pump can feeding the drilling mud to desilter for further
treatment, after that particles above 25microns can be separated, and the
drilling mud can go to mud mixing tank with mud hopper to get correct mud
property and for reuse.

3) one mud agitator to
mixing the mud & suspending the mud

4) one mud
hopper for adding more chemicals to adjust the property of the drilling mud
before feeding for HDD rig machine.

We just have
this mud system showed in Australia show, pls see more from website:

Except for 350gpm mud system, GN Solids Control can also offer other
capacity mud system from 200gpm mud system/350gpm mud system/500gpm mud
system/700gpm mud system /1000gpm mud system etc.  Our technical team makes it to standard
design for all the mud system and make it easy for transportation and
operation. For details, pls read from GN website:  HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System,


Except for compact mud system, GN Solids Control also offer big
capacity mud system for oil & gas drilling. We have domestic client like
COSL buy 4 sets of 1000gpm mud system for offshore drilling in year of 2014. And
also buy 1 sets 17sets mud tanks mud plant system from us in year of 2014. Pls
read more from GN website:

Any requirements, pls contact us freely.

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