As the top manufacturer of solids control
company in China, GN Solids Control not only pursue the high quality products
but also the rest-assured services, that’s why GN can export to over 60
countries with the occupation of the largest international market’s portion
among all China’s solids control
GN Solids Control keeps it in its mind that selecting carefully
raw materials to ensure the top quality. Besides high quality, GN Solids
Control also provides considerate services both before-sales and after-sales.
Before sales contract, GN Solids Control will provide consultancy services with
detailed drawing and specifications. Regarding to the after sales service, GN
solids control provide site commissioning service and spare parts. Now GN after
sales teams areserving in Poland and Nigeria.

Early in this year, GN Solids Control
delivered 3 sets solids control
including shale shaker desander,desilter
decanter centrifuge and mud mixing devices to a Poland customer, full details
at below:
Now GN after sales team in now serving on the Poland drilling site to do
commissioning to ensure the customer can operate it safely and correctly. Also
another after sales team is now in Nigeria to do commissioning for GN VFD decanter
. GN technicians have many years’ experience in Solids Control
and Electric Control. With the support of GN technical department, GN has
always been improving its product and service. So in past years, GN solids
control has enjoyed a fast and stable growth with proud achievements such as
being the first API certified solid control company in China, being the first
solids control company who developed the vertical cutting dryer in China, also
certified by DNV CE, Russia TR&TC, also accepted by big players such as
Baker Hughes, a well known oil service company.