To optimize the production and management, GN Solids separate the workshop for centrifuge and shaker screen. Now, GN have first factory for administration, workshop for generally solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, various pumps, screw conveyors, mud tanks etc. and the second factory is specialized for centrifuge, shaker screen and vertical cuttings dryer processing, production and storage.

1) Centrifuge production and storage
GN centrifuge is processed by high end CNC machine in the new workshop, and can produce various model centrifuges, including:
9inch mini centrifuges for mining / diamond drilling
14inch popular model centrifuges for solids control / drilling waste management
18inch big capacity centrifuges for barite recovery / fast cutting mud weight
22inch big bowl centrifuge for waste management / waste water treatment
30inch huge bowl centrifuge for waste management/ waste water treatment/ subway construction / huge TBM machine etc
Now, we have large quantity of 14inch bowl in stock to give fast delivery to clients with urgent project needs. This model centrifuge is replacement centrifuge model to Swaco 518 or Swaco 414 centrifuge, as well as Derrick centrifuges Derrick DE1000FHD centrifuge.
Pls contact GN Solids for quotation if you have any requirements.

2) Shaker screen production and storage
GN has over 5 sets shaker screen production line for the shaker screen production and proper space for the storage.
The shaker screen production line including: edge cuttings and position platform, hot press machine, screen pretension machine, etc.
If requested by client, we can offer the production line and offer engineers to help on the installation, commissioning and training on how to produce different model shaker screens.
For now, the popular shaker screens model including:
Replacement screen for Derrick FLC shakers, eg. FLC 500 or FLC 2000 shakers, Hyperpool shakers.
Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shakers
Replacement screen for NOV brandt cobra shakers, venom shakers, LCD-2M shakers, etc.
Replacement screen for FSI 5000 shaker, etc.

If you have any request for shale shaker screens, pls contact GN Solids Control.


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