Recently, we have clients from Middle East, who are keen to buy two sets oily sludge treatment system from GN. The waste sludge is from oil refinery and they have clear research on the material and clear target.

oil-sludge-treatment-plant363C (2)

The system including

1) Oil sludge washing tank. The client put the oil sludge into this tank, add washing chemicals, to remove and separate the crude oil from the solids/sands. Mud agitator equipped on the tank to suspending and mixing the oily sludge. If necessary, hot water will also add into the washing tank to achieve better performance.

2) Centrifuge tank. After washing tank, the oily sludge will be feeding to centrifuge via screw pump. The decanter centrifuge can separate the solids in high efficient way. After that, the clean liquid part will go to next V type tank, and the solids can be collected by cuttings skip.

3) Flocculent unit, will provide chemicals to the second V type tank, and stick the fine solids again for further separation.

4) Oil water separator is also necessary part for the separation. After separation, the oil, water and solids can reach separate target, which is relatively clean enough for other application.

GN Solids Control as the first API certified solids control company from China. We already work in this field for almost 10 years. In the past years, GN became the China top brand based in China and USA.

From 2007, GN begins the solids control company at Tangshan city, Hebei Province.

From 2010, GN successfully achieves API certification, to be the first API certified China Solids Control Company.

In 2011, GN begin a new company (Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd) in Langfang City, Hebei Province.

In 2012, GN moved to the new location in Langfang city, which is much closer to Beijing International Airport.

In 2013, GN begin GN Solids America new company in Houston, USA. To become the first China & USA based solids control company.

In 2014, GN begins the Russia brand in Moscow. Up to now, GN expand to own No.2 new facility close to Beijing.


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