GN engineer came back from customer’s site in Singapore and shared the photos showing GN’s dewatering centrifuge system was running there since the beginning of this year. Client is satisfied with the performance of the system.

GN’s dewatering centrifuge system can be used in separating the ultra-fine solids from drilling mud, waste water and so on. In tunneling project, the dewatering unit is used to remove the large content solids from drilling mud to make the water recyclable as always most of the tunneling site in city has limited area to put the waste mud collection container. A high efficiency dewatering system can greatly save the cost on water consumption and increase the boring speed.

GN’s dewatering centrifuge system is mainly consisting of the decanter centrifuge and chemical flocculation unit. To consider the operation safety and comfort, GN designed to put the decanter centrifuge and the flocculation system inside the container. The centrifuge is inside the upper container. The used mud will be transferred to it via a screw pump. In the meanwhile, the flocculation slurry will be added to the centrifuge as well. The fine solid particles in the mud will be gathered and removed. Clean water will be discharged out and flow into by gravity storage container waiting for reuse. The flocculation system installed in the downstairs container has automatic chemical mixing function which is convenient for operators on site.

Before feeding the mud into the centrifuge, normally a de-sanding unit will be needed to remove the coarse solids in the mud to protect the decanter centrifuge unit. This dewatering system running in Singapore has automatic lubrication function on the centrifuge unit which will protect the bearing of the centrifuge for longtime working and less shut down for maintenance. The screw conveyor installed in the container has slid runner. Thus the conveyor can slid out of the container for discharging the sludge and slid back into the container for transportation convenience.

More information on the dewatering centrifuge system, feel free to contact with GN.