GN Solids Control is
a leading supplier providing solids control and also drill cuttings management
programs for global clients. Numerous large drilling company or maybe oil
service companies are utilizing GN equipments to treat often the OBM, WBM or
GN decanter centrifuges and also
cuttings dryers
are competing equipments even when compare with UNITED
STATES brands or European manufacturers. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC within
Houston, GN Solids Control is getting to known through more and more drilling
companies on the planet. GN also has one department company in Moscow.
Typically the America is one large sector for GN, it’s a similar for Middle
East. GN delivered more than ten units cuttings dryer to Center East in last
year. Many of these equipment s are also providing with screw conveyors and
also flushing pumps.

GN drill down cuttings management systems like these equipments:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer: a single set
Variable speed dryer can be adjusted by the VFD feel screen. GN used well-known
brands electrical brands for instance ABB or Siemens and so forth
2 . GN Decanter
: 1 set
GN decanter centrifuge is a cost-effective breaking up machine in the oil and
gas location. Due to the perfect quality components, it can be used for a long
time. GN professional engineers have been updating this centrifuge from the
beginning. De dos niveles stainless steel are used for the turning bowl.
Hundreds of tungsten carbide tiles are also fixed for the screw conveyors for
while usage.
3. GN Mud Tank
Mud tank is actually fixed on a compact skid for convenient move.
four. GN Screw Conveyor: two sets
GN screw conveyors are widely used in send drill cuttings in huge density and
viscosity. The important angle is usually within thirty five degree.
5. GN Mess Pumps: 2 sets
Just one set pump for flushing the cuttings dryer just in case the screen
basket obstructed. The other set is used to help pump the drill cuttings into
the decanter centrifuge.