Repeated order of shaker screen means high quality of GN shaker screen. Just end of last month, we get repeated order for replacement screen for SWACO MONGOOSE shakers. The client have bought about 2000pcs replacement screens totally in past 3 years, for SWACO MONGOOSE shale shakers. We appreciate the trust of our old client, and will always improve the screen quality and lower down the sales price to give good support.

1) Except Replacement screen for SWACO, what other shaker screens can GN offer?

  • Replacement screen for Derrick FLC500/ 2000 shaker or mud cleaners.
  • Replacement screen for NOV brandt king cobra/ VSM300 / VENOM shaker or mud conditioners
  • Replacement screen for SWACOM Pro / SWACO Mongoose PT/Meerkat shale shakers or mud conditioners.
  • Replacement screen for….. Pls get more information from GN website.

2) Advantage features of GN shaker screen

Much better quality and consistency by automatic robot welding of the steel frame. Our competitor, normally use hand to welding, not robot. The consistency is not good.

Improve the plastic quality and screen temperature resistance by high quality fiber glass.

Four side tension of mesh during the heat press to minimize the gap between top screen and supporting screen. Our competitor, normally don’t tension the screen or only by hands.

GN also have other high advanced technology to produce high quality shaker screen. Pls contact with us if you need any support.

3) Shale shaker working condition will also pass to shaker screen

The shaker screen working performance also related to the working condition of shale shaker. If the shale shaker is too much old, and not strong enough. Even you put new shaker screen on it, the shaker screen may also not work well. We recommend client do necessary maintenance to each solids control equipment. If they are too much old, we recommend you replace all of them to guarantee on the project.

GN can offer various model shale shakers, 2 panel shaker, 3 panel shaker or 4 panel shakers. If you need any type shaker, pls contact us freely.


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