In the past CIPPE show last week in Beijing, GN’s vacuum pump was awarded favorable comments by visitors coming to GN booth. Many visitors were amazed to the function of this pump; some contractors even told they finally find an ideal transferring solution. The vacuum pump is also named solids transfer pump that is a type pump operated by connecting the air supplying to suck and discharge high solids content material alternately.
The vacuum pump could be widely in tough environment for most of the liquid, wet sludge and even dry solids transferring. Below link would guide to the working video of this vacuum pump, please click for reference.

Main Application of Vacuum Pump
Waste drilling cutting transferring is one of main application of the vacuum pump. The drilling cutting discharged from primary shale shaker, cyclone unit and decanter centrifuge is with high solids content, which makes the cuttings difficult to be transferred to the cuttings dryer unit for further treatment. The vacuum pump can transfer the material with solids content larger than 80 percent. The high transferring efficiency prevents to collect the waste cutting firstly into a mud pit, which make the closed loop mud system a reality.
The oily sludge coming from refinery waste, crude oil tank bottom residual and barge vessel cleaning is still with large quantity oil remaining in it. To recover the oil in the sludge, firstly the operators need to transfer the sludge to the oil slurry treatment system. Air operation can firstly produce vacuum inside the pump to suck the sludge from 50 meters out there and the discharge under positive pressure to far away 500-1000 meters.
Besides, the vacuum pump can also be used in waste pit cleaning, frac tank and animal waste transferring. It is worthy to mention that the pump is fully air operation for hazardous area application. Due to none any rotating parts inside the cavity, the wearing is less for long working time.

GN’s mobile vacuum pump is installed on a wheel skid that makes the unit could be moved easily onsite. The handle is foldable for moving and operation convenience. GN has models with capacity of 10 cubic meters per hour and 20 cubic meters is on the wheel skid, the operation is automatically. For larger capacity, customer could choose the model of 40 cubic meters per hour for both automatically and manually operation available. GN got over ten orders on this type vacuum pump at the CIPPE show.