GN Solids Control just ship several quantities of shale shakers to overseas drilling client. The clients buy equipment from GN from 2011. We already cooperate with each other for over 5 years. In the past year, the client buys lots of solids control equipment and shaker screen from us. Only in last year, the client buy 2ea 40GP container replacement screen for Derrick shale shaker and Swaco Mongoose shale shaker.

In this year, even the market is not good. The client buy some necessary solids control equipment to keep on the ongoing drilling operation. In order to support the VIP client, GN give 10% discount based on the lower price, to give best support. In the past years, GN Solids Control provide below items to the clients, including

160629 tandem shale shaker 2

1) Over 10 sets shale shakers

The clients have over 40 sets drilling rigs, and have bought over 10 sets shale shaker from GN Solids Control in the past years. We have different model for choice. 2 panel mini shaker, 3 panel middle size shaker and 4 panel long deck shale shaker;

The 2 panel shaker can be used for diamond drilling or other small TBM or construction field.

The 3 panel shaker can be used for workover drilling rigs or other small oil field drilling rigs.

The 4 panel shaker can be used for large oil drilling rigs mud system, with better working performance, and lower maintenance rate.

The client have 3 panel shaker and 4 panel shaker from GN.

2) Over 50 sets mud agitator

The client have bought over 50 sets agitator in the past years, with over 50 sets mud guns. As the maintenance cost become higher, the old product by many years is better to be replaced by new product to save maintenance cost. Every years, the drilling client need to replace some old equipment by new products.


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