GN Solids Control can offer complete distinctive
line of solids control equipment, drilling
mud system
. The power origin is various pumps; we live also original
manufacturer with regard to various pumps, including twist pumps, centrifugal
pumps, submersible slurry pumps, shear pumping systems etc .
Recently, we have a number of order ready for delivery, My spouse and i
concluded all the pumps useful for recent project, and find in which pumps
& electric control panels is also big benefit. There are 12 sets
centrifugal pumps, 4 sets submersible slurry pumps, 9 units of screw pumps.
GN Centrifugal pumps & Electric powered control panel
GN centrifugal pumps is replacement for NOVEMBER brandt mission pumps, Pump
shell and impeller is definitely wear-resisting material, pump having Kansai
heavy anticorrosive fresh paint, longer lifetime. We can go with solids control mud
system with centrifugal pump, we can easily also only sell typically the pump
for client’s precise application.
We generally can certainly match electrical control panel & cable to
connect by pump motor to control panel for convenient employ.

GN Submersible slurry pump & Electric control panel
GN Submersible slurry pump can be used for fluids move with big particles. Its
single stage and sole suction slurry pump. The actual pump shell and impeller
no bearing, no canal seal, which can transport wonderful medium of solids
The slurry pump might be installed in mud tank to transfer mud
available, can be installed on mud opening in HDD jobsite.
We are able to also match electric control panel & cable interconnection
from slurry pump generator to control panel.
GN Screw pump & Electrical control panel
GN mess pump is positive shift pump, ideal pump intended for feeding decanter
, as well as to transfer other medium without having agitating.
It is composed of attach pump rotor and mess pump stator; these two pieces are
the major spare parts elements.
We generally use Uk brand Netzsch brand pump, with long-term relationship, we
can make better price for clientele.
We can also match power control panel & cable television connection from
slurry pump motor to control panel.
If you are in need of some penis pumps, pls contact GN SOLID WASTE CONTROL