GN Solids Control will bring one set drilling waste management system to show at CIPPE oil and gas exhibiton in Beijing on March 26 – 28 , this is not the first time for GN Solids Control to show at CIPPE oil and gas exhibition . GN Solids Control showed drilling waste management system and solids control equipment to the show for many times .

Details Information Of GN Stand at CIPPE Oil And Gas Exhibiton

The show name is CIPPE 2015 in short , the show will be held at New China International Exhibition Center  with address No. 88 , Yuxiang Road , Tianzhu , Shunyi District , Beijing . The exhibition time is on March 26 – 28 2015 , GN stand No. E 1360 at E1 hall . other than drilling waste management system , GN Solids will show shale shaker , decanter centrifuge at the show .

Main Equipment For The Shown Drilling Waste Management System

One set mud tank with a skid to hold one set vertical cuttings dryer and one set decanter centrifuge , we choose variable speed vertical cuttings dryer and variable speed decanter centrifuge this time .

One set variable speed decanter centrifuge will be used to lay on top of tank to treat the fluids partical flow from vertical cuttings dryer which will be stored at a small holding tank . The decanter centrifuge can separate solids 2-7 microns which will enable to reuse fluids particals and delivery them back to solids control system .

One set variable speed vertical cutings dryer to dry water based mud drilling cuttings and or oil base mud drilling cuttings . The drilling cuttings normally contains too much fluids particals which will not be able to allowed to delivery . The vertical cuttings dryer treated drilling cuttings will make fluids content below 5 percent which get a great improvement for drilling cuttings .