GN Two Decanter Centrifuges Used in Nigeria

GN Solids Control has working on solids control and waste management fields for years. Every year, GN Solids Control produces about one hundred and fifty decanter centrifuges and four hundreds shale shakers as well as the other solids control equipments. Most of these equipments are sent to abroad due to the large market. 

Recently, GN has manufactured two decanter centrifuges for clients in Nigeria. These two decanter centrifuges are composed one whole system for drilling fluids separation.

As we all known, when two decanter centrifuges are using together, the first one is usually treating larger capacity drilling fluids, and the second one is used for separating finer solids. Although the decanter centrifuge is mainly used to separate solids with diameter larger than five microns, two decanter centrifuges have different separation function when working together. 

Regarding to this system, GN proposed to use two sets of GNLW 363. The bowl diameter of this decanter centrifuge is 14 inch and the length of this decanter centrifuge is 50 inch. Treating capacity can reach to 200 GPM. But for rotating speed of this decanter centrifuges, they are not the same. To save money for customers, the first centrifuge can be fixed speed at 3200 r/m. And the second one can be rotating from 0 to 3200 r/m. 

When the drilling fluids with mud changes, we can adjust the rotating speed of the second centrifuges to satisfy the treating demands. However, it would be better to choose two sets of adjustable speed decanter centrifuges. When controlled by PLC, all the operation work will become much easier for workers.

Here these two decanter centrifuges are both fed by screw pump. GN use famous brand screw pumps which is a very effective feeding pumps, when this pumps is working, it can avoid agitating the drilling fluids. For any details, welcome to email to