Water well drilling company is very popular in Desert area or other water shortage areas, like Middle East, Africa, Mongolia etc. Water well drilling company usually works for government civil engineering projects, and requiring water well drilling rig, mud system, generator, etc. to bid for the water well drilling project. There are also some water well drilling along with oil drilling company, to supply water to the oil drilling operations.

gn mud cleaning system

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for solids control mud system. We have rich experience in mud system production, operation, commissioning and maintenance. Recently, we have one client from Africa who just bought one set 500gpm mud system from GN. Pls see below project informations.

The mud system will work for 500gpm mud treatment, and we provide

  • 1 set mud tank, size smaller than 40GP container for easier shipment.
  • 1 set shale shaker, GNZS703 3 panel shale shaker for better performance.
  • 1 set mud cleaner, GNZJ703-1S8N, with 1ea deck shaker, 1ea desander cyclones and 8ea desilter cyclones.
  • 2 sets centrifugal pump for feeding the desander and desilter cyclones.
  • 1 set mud agitator is equipped in third compartment to mixing the mud to avoid settlement.
  • 1 set mixing hopper and 1 set mixing pump for chemical adding function.
  • 1 set generator to power the mud system unit.

After GN mud system arrived at client’s jobsite, we arrange interpreter and engineer to the jobsite to help for the installation and commissioning. With GN mud system, the waste slurry can be recycled and reuse, this reduce the cost on chemicals and mud in large degree, and the clean mud guarantee on the drill bit lifetime, help the smooth going project.

Except for mud system, GN solids control can also offer other solids liquid separation items:

1) Industry centrifuges: 9inch bowl centrifuge, 14inch bowl centrifuge, 18inch bowl centrifuge, 22inch bowl centrifuge etc.

2) drilling waste management: vertical cuttings dryer, solidification unit, thermal desorption unit, etc.

3) various model shaker screens.


GN ShakerScreen