GNPS752 shaker screen operation and maintenance instruction 1. Summarize 2. GNPS752 Mud Cleaner structure 3. GNPS752 Mud Cleaner technical parameters 4. GNPS752 features 5. Lifting, transportation and installation 6. Operation on Mud Cleaner 7. Mud Cleaner Maintenance 8. Spare parts for GNPS752 9. Enclosed files for GNPS752 1. Summarize Shale shaker GNPS752 is high efficiency shaker. It is designed according to users’ actual demand based on modern technique and principle. GNPS752 takes advantage of double vibration motors in-phase principle. It holding ideal design on structure, and work steadily, operated lasting time without any problem, take rather little cost on maintenance. If choose proper model or parameters, it can work for many kinds of drilling fluid solids control. It is an ideal solution for Oil and gas drilling, HDD, Metallurgy, mining tail mud solids control 2. GNPS752 shale shaker screen structure Please find GNPS752 shaker structure as fig I. It contains pedestal, shaker deck, tension wedge, shaker screen, rubber strip, deck adjustment device, baffle box, tension device, electric cabinet, vibration motor, damping spring. Shale shaker GNPS752 can be used by single or designed as tandem and triplex shaker to be operated at drilling job site 3. GNPS752 Mud Cleaner technical parameters Model: GNPS752 Vibration: Balanced elliptical motion Vibration amplitude: 7mm (double type) Motor power: 1.0+0.4 kW Treating capacity: 25L/S Screen area: 1.35m2 Screens: 750×900,10~150 mesh (Frame screen or Pyramid frame screen) Dimension: 2037×1525×1112mm Weight: 1100kg Resource Box : The author of the article recommends Mud Cleaner pls click here to know.