How to maintain a GN Decanter Centrifuge?

Now many drilling industries and some other fields are using more and more decanter centrifuges due to the excellent performances of them. So it’s quite important for operators to know some repair knowledge to maintain the decanter centrifuge in a good condition.
As we all know, if we can take care of the decanter centrifuge carefully, and when we use it for working, follow the working principles strictly when it’s working.After using the decanter centrifuge, the workers do some regular maintenance according the operation manual. It’s sure the life ot decanter centrifuge can be prolonged and extended. In order to avoid any rust or dust to fall into the inner of the drilling centrifuge, workers should certainly mop the external of the machine to make sure it is dry and clean. Secondly, during our daily use, the decanter centrifuge’s conveyor and conveying belt are very easy to be loose , so it need to be frequently checked up and to be exchanged if they are do not work well. We should also check the easily wearing parts of the machine and the operating situation of the electric system of the machine and attach great importance to the battery system regularly.

We all know in order to have a very high level of concentricity between the Differential mechanism and the main body of the decanter centrifuge. We must be very careful when the decanter centrifuge machine is installed at the work site. To make sure and guarantee the necessary shaking when decanter centrifuge is operating, if the connection between the two parts of a machine, than a cooper chip should be put between the the conveying belt and differential mechanism.
Due to assorted reasons, the machine cannot work as well as the beginning, this phenomenon cannot be avoided. We will need to do an overhaul of the machine after some working time of a decanter centrifuge machine.
Aslo a good brand is vital important for our future maintenance and repairing. So welcome to ask for technical help from our technical engineer: