manufacturers cannot fulfill the customer if they don’t have an adequate
inventory for main or maybe popular requested product within their warehouse.
GN Solids Control, though already the leader involving solids control equipment
suppliers in China market, is actually trying the best to make the inventory
for main equipment in the event any urgent request from clients.
Due to the slowing down on the drilling industry, almost all of the needs on
primary solids control equipment like shale
, mud cleaner even the mud
tank system
are doing the used ones. That may be no doubt a cold winter for
the brand new equipment providers. As a result of consistent efforts on
solutions innovation, competitive cost, most critical the stable performance,
GN solids control still could walk in the snowstorm steadily.

You never know when the market place will get better, so , precisely what GN
did is to retain enough stock and to discover the opportunity. Just like the
old telling, the opportunity always prefers to bump the door of who has
previously made adequate preparation. Including below picture shows:

GN new warehouse keeps Up and down Cuttings Dryer unit intended for prompt
Vertical cuttings dryer unit is the key devices in drilling waste cuttings
drying system, by using this type of system, the driller could easily get a
pitless mud system to save drilling cost through recovery more fluids and also
discharge less solid squander. GNCD930
cuttings dryer
model has already proved by many huge in oil industry
including Baker Hughes, Shell, CNPC, SINOPEC, Greatwall drilling, Shengli
oilfield etc . It could be manage at 900RPM to get 4 hundred G force and
1200RPM to get 750. The adjustable speed is also available.

Suppose the customer buys a cuttings dryer unit, however , absolutely no
decanter centrifuge to enhance the effluence out from the cuttings dryer? No
worry about in which, GN already thought about this specific. That is why there
are 20 products 14” centrifuge kept from the warehouse. GNLW363CG is the best
lover for GNCD930 in spend management system. Besides, this kind of model
centrifuge could also be employed in barite recovery and typical fine solids
separation. 3200rpm / 2700rpm /2200rpm, various speed for different
application, only tell GN what task you want to do, and then we can recommend
the suitable speed for you. GN’s 14” centrifuge speed could possibly be
adjusted by changing the particular pulley or even equipped with a clever PLC
variable frequency generate control panel.

If you have any kind of request on the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge,
simply no hesitate to take up you telephone and dial us.