Hebei GN Solid Control Co., Ltd. is located in Chaobai River Industrial Zone in the east of Beijing. It focuses on the research and development of mud separation equipment, mud recovery system, waste slurry treatment system, sludge treatment system and diversified mud transportation equipment. “GN Solid Control” has developed into a leading brand in the industry through unremitting efforts. The products manufactured are sold in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. GN Solid Control established a branch in Houston, USA in 2013: GN Solids America, the first Chinese manufacturer of mud solid-control equipment in the United States. In addition, GN Solid Control has established cooperative branches in Russia, Australia, the Middle East and Latin America. Our international brand: GN Solids Control is a well-known brand in the industry, and its products and services are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.


The mud recovery system produced by GN Solid Control is currently the largest manufacturer and largest exporter of mud recovery systems in China. Its products have obtained the long-term cooperation strategy agreement of the country’s largest non-excavation construction unit in the non-excavation industry.


First, GN solid control G series products are divided into the following seven standard models:

  1. GNMS-200G processing capacity is 200GPM, 50m3/h


  1. GNMS-350G processing capacity is 350GPM, 80m3/h


  1. GNMS-500B/G/GL processing capacity is 500GPM, 120m3/h


4, GNMS-1000G processing capacity is 1000GPM, 240m3 / h


5, GNMS-2000GL processing capacity 2000GPM, 480m3 / h


Second, the main application areas of GN solid control G series mud recovery system:

  1. Non-excavation horizontal directional crossing/HDD


  1. Coalbed methane drilling


  1. Large, medium and small shield engineering


4, water wells, geothermal wells


  1. Mining drilling engineering, etc.

According to different projects, GN’s engineering team will design a corresponding solution to achieve the best processing results.

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