Decanter centrifuge is wise choice for liquid solids separation solution which can separate +5microns solids particles. If the client need to separate more fine solids, can add chemical enhancement equipment like flocculent unit to coagulate the smaller particles to big ones, then separated again by decanter centrifuge. Thus, the total solids content can be reduced remarkably.

Especially for this year, we get more projects to treat the waste water or oily sludge from refinery or from drilling waste. Mechanical separation + chemical enhancement is proved to be effective solution to most of the jobsite requirements. Generally, the solution will be involved in premixing module with heating function, coarse solids separation by HG drying shaker, chemical unit, fine solids separation by high speed decanter centrifuge, three phase separation unit.  As per the client requirement, they can choose all the solution or part of the system to achieve expected results. For details of each part, pls see below infos:

1) Feeding system

We have different kinds of pump for option, including submersible slurry pump, screw pump and vacuum pump for option. The client can choose the pump model as per the sludge condition.

The pump can take the sludge from the pit to next part

2) Premixing tank with agitator, heating line…

After the sludge come into the premixing tank, the sludge can be agitated here and heated hear. The system also attached with high level alarming and lower level dry pump protection.

Then, the sludge will be pumped to next part via submersible slurry pump.

3) HG dryer unit

Remark: If the oily sludge solids content is very lower, about 20% or below. And the particle size is smaller than hundred microns. This HG dryer unit can be bypassed all.

The oily sludge here will be treated by HG dryer, and separate the coarse solids.

Then, the screw pump will take the solids to next part

4) High speed Decanter centrifuge unit

The oily sludge will mix with acid or alkali before entering into decanter centrifuge, and the PH value can be adjusted here. After centrifuge treatment, the slurry will go to next part by gravity.

5) Three phase separation unit

This unit composed of inclined plate clarifier, oil water separator, and oil/water buffer tank and oil/water pump.



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