As solids control equipment manufacturer,GN aim to be best supplier for every oil company,learn about phylogeny of it is one of our works

“Seven Sisters” was a common term for the seven multinational oil companies of the “Consortium for Iran” oligopoly or cartel, which control most market of global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s to the mid-1970s. nearly as the seven mythological Pleiades sisters fathered in the titan Atlas, this name was most called in the 1950s through businessman Enrico Mattei, as the-head of the Italian state oil company Eni.

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The industry group consisted of:

  1. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company(now British Petroleum)
  2. Gulf Oil(become part of Chevron later)
  3. Royal Dutch Shell
  4. Standard Oil Company of California(Short name Socal,now Chevron)
  5. Standard Oil Company of New Jersey(Esso, become Exxon later)
  6. Standard Oil Company of New York(Short name Socony, become Mobil later, now becomed part of ExxonMobil)
  7. Texaco(merged into Chevron later)

Whit the time going,the market always waving,here is the new Seven Sister:

Before 1973 oil crisis, the Seven Sisters controlled around 85% of the world’s petroleum reserves.After that, the market has shifted to the OPEC cartel and state-owned oil and gas companies in emerging-market economies, such asGazprom (Russia), Saudi Aramco, China National Petroleum Corporation, NationalPDVSA (Venezuela),ranian Oil Company,Petrobras (Brazil),Petronas (Malaysia). In 2007,it was called”the new Seven Sister

According to consulting firm PFC Energy,until 2012, only 7% of the world’s already known oil reserves were in countries that allowed private international companies free rein. Fully 65% were in the hands of state-owned companies.

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