Solids Control rotating assembly guard consists of the semi-circular cover and vessel. It is a stainless steel case mounted on the skid. The rotating assembly can be wrapped in the vessel which can divert the liquid and solids discharge to their respective outlets and can ensure the safety. The semi-circular cover is hinged and can turn 95 degree for inspection and maintenance. For avoid mud flow off from discharge solid port during high speed rotating is fit compartments in the cover and vessel. About us, if you want to buy our products, pls click here you can get more information.

Solids Control feed tube is a stainless steel tube approximately 54mm OD and 1140mm long. It extends into the bowl and conveyor through the hollow shaft on the conical end of the bowl. Mud is introduced into the centrifuge through the feed tube. The feed tube is fixed on the bracket. Its end fits a main valve, a feed water valve, a feed hose connector and a feed water connector. The main valve controls mud flow, feed water valve controls cleaning water flow. The feed hose has about 2.5m long.

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