cuttings dryer

rules of drilling industry in order to dispose the waste cuttings requests as
less squander cutting disposal as possible. That no doubt pushes the going
contractor to find a better remaining solution to avoid the disturbing
originating from of environmental protection office.
There are 2 options, although not limited, for final convenience of the
discharged waste through the drilling process or some different industrial.
One is to get hot the waste sludge to split up the solids, water along with
oil. This method is called winter desorption treatment. When the going mud is
oil based, the particular discharged waste cuttings through the primary solids
control products
may include water, oil in addition to cuttings. The sludge
is actually firstly conveyed to a huge rotating drum which is often divided
into several compartments. Throughout each of the department, the heating up
temperature would be adjustable regarding the separation purpose. Often the
drum would be injected nitrogen to prevent the burning of the useful oil. The
water and necessary oil would be heated turn into gasoline and then be guided
in a cooling unit, here this and oil would liquefy to realize the separation. Often
the separated oil could be gathered for selling or applied as the fuel of the
energy desorption unit.

It is worthy of to mention is the thermal desorption is always for the waste
sludge with less water written content, otherwise the recovered acrylic value
would not cover the intake of energy like electricity along with fuel.
Differ from the energy desorption, the solidification procedure is especially
used for the water bottom part waste. The waste renforcement unit could mix
often the waste sludge and the renforcement reagent. In this process, often the
hazardous material in the waste material would be isolated as the sludge would
form into inadmissible compounds. Thus the addressed solids could be discharged
and also used for road paving and since construction material.
No matter regardless of what would be adopted, the drilling contractor would
always pre-treat the waste cuttings simply by use the waste cutting drying out
equipment to make the waste significantly dryer so that less gas will be
consumed in warming or fewer reagents can be used during solidification course
of action. The mostly used drying out equipment would involve cuttings dryer, high G push
drying shaker and waste materials decanter
GN Solids Control now could supply the solidification unit and total list of
waste cuttings drying out equipment. If you are interested, this is our website
for more information.

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GN Solids Control has provided many sets of mud
recycling systems
for various mud control area or industries, such as HDD,
TBM Drilling, CBM Drilling, Bored Pile Drilling etc. Just in this May, GN
Solids Control just provided one set of 500GPM mud system in HDD area.
GNMS-500GL is one of the most cost-effective mud recycling systems and widely
used in the global world. GN also has some other mud systems to meet treating
capacity demands, such as 200GPM, 1000GPM. Some other customized mud recycling
systems can also be provided based on customers’ working conditions. 

This GNMS-500GL mud system has been successfully working for more than 3
project s during the past 5 months. At the beginning, GN sent service engineers
for installation and debugging. For clients need training or commissioning
service, GN can also send out their engineers.
GNMS-500GL mud system includes the following main equipments: shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud
hopper, mud tank.
Some auxiliary equipment such as mud agitators, mud
mixing hoppers, centrifugal pumps are also included in this system.
GN mud recycling systems are very popular in many regions or countries, such as
South America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, India, Korean, Burma and
Indonesia etc.
With the fast development of GN Solids Control, GN mud systems are exported to
over 60 countries. Most of those GN mud systems are being used in abroad,
nearly 70% are exported from China. And with the establishment of GN Solids
America LLC, GN solids control equipments and drilling
waste management systems
are widely known by North American companies.
GN Solids Control also provides decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, Hi-G
shaker for WBM, OBM or SBM treating. At the beginning of 2015, GN also provided
some sets of solidification unit to treat the drilling cuttings separated after
cutting dryer, centrifuge. In the near future, GN will launch a newly upgrade
cutting dryer to treat the WBM especially.

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Drilling waste management system contains several equipment and tank to make a full solution including vertical cuttings dryer for dry drilling cuttings , decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids out of vertical cuttings dryer , screw pump for feed decanter centrifuge and flush outlet of vertical cuttings dryer , air compressor to supply air for air knife on vertical cuttings dryer , screw conveyor to transfer drilling cuttings , mud tank and work plat form to make all process continuously .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the core equipment and will dry drilling cuttings with fluids content bellow 5 percent at 900 RPM rotating speed tank body . The screen can be use 0.25 to 0.5 mm size depending on requirement , one set of air knife will be needed to match vertical cuttings dryer which is powered by one set of air compressor . One set of screw pump will be needed to flush outlet fluids to keep sure fluids will be flow out when high viscosity and density . There will need minimum 2 sets of screw auger to feed drilling cuttings into vertical cuttings dryer , one set horizontal to collect drilling cuttings from shale shaker , desander and desilter , another one to feed drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer .

One set high speed decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids that recycled by vertical cuttings dryer at 2 to 5 microns separate at 3200 RPM bowl speed . one set of VFD control panels is optional , the VFD control panel will change speed of centrifuge bowl from 0 to 3200 RPM but quite big size . If you want small footprint , then you can choose one set of fixed speed decanter centrifuge .

Other than the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge , there will be other equipment to cooperate like screw pump , tank , work form , etc .

GN Solids Control just dleiveried one set drilling cuttings process system to CNPC jobsite with engineers help commissioning on jobsite also . That is designed tipically for water base drilling mud drilling cuttings and they choose Hi G dryer shaker and decanter centrifuge for process . This is one of the modular design for water base mud drilling cuttings process with Hi G dryer part and decanter centrifuge part . And they choose another modular for oil base mud drilling cuttings process by vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge also for different drilling conditions .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the main equipment for drying drilling cuttings by centrifugal force by screen 0.25 to 0.5 mm size . The drying effenciency between 3 percent to 5 percent fluids content inside which will be good for the result . The treating capacity max 50 tons per hour depending on treating requirement . The bowl diameter size 930 mm and feeding by screw auger .

Decanter centrifuge will be lay after vertical cuttings dryer for recycle fluids content at speed 30 cubic meters per hour by GNLW363 model centrifuge , it can separate solids 2 – 5 microns by centrifugal force . The bowl diameter 360 mm with bowl length 1271 mm by SS2205 stainless material . The screw bolted tungsten carbid tiles on for helping protect screw impeller for longer working life .

Hi G dryer is on economy option for water base mud drilling cuttings process as it is only one third of the price of vertical cuttings dryer . The treating efficiency will be much lower than vertical cuttings dryer but still can be on good option depending on drilling conditions and budget information . Please contact GN Solids Control for more info.

Drilling waste management equipment is designed to dry oilfield drilling cuttings that discharge from shale shaker on solids control system . The drilling cuttings that discharge from shale shaker normally contains some percentage of fluids but we don’t want the fluids content , and wanna to separate the fluids contain out to get dry solids . The vertical cuttings dryer is designed by centrifugal force to separate fluids contain out within 5 percent , so that the dry solids can be delivery away for further process .

Other then vertical cuttings dryer , there will need oil field decanter centrifuge to recycling the fluids content that separated from oil field drilling cuttings . The fluids contain will contains a lot of fine solids cause screen of vertical dryer minimum 0.25mm size hole , one set of high speed decanter centrifuge will be layed after vertical cuttings dryer for 2 – 5 microns separation , the dry solids out of decanter centrifuge will be delivery away for further treatment together with dry drilling cuttings out of vertical cuttings dryer and fluids contain will be transferred into solids control system for re-use .

There can be different of pump for feeding decanter centrifuge , screw pump is the best way to protect solids content to keep more the majority solids can be separated out . The screw pump normally will be lay separately or on the vertical cuttings dryer working frame . It will takes some space on the frame . Screw auger will be used also on feeding of vertical cuttings dryer or transfer other solids content or drilling cuttings to save man power . GN Solids Control build a full line of drilling waste management system , there are more information on GN website or you can ring GN office for more information .