decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control has lots of visitors every year, from different areas of the world, including Russia, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Israel, Iraq, South Africa, Romania, Argentina, Brazil etc. Some of them may require decanter centrifuges for mud service, some of them may require shale shakers, and other solids control equipment to replace the old ones at rigsite, some of them may just try to bought one new rig and want to match the solids control system with the rigs.

Recently, we have one client coming to China and visited us again. The client has bought some sets of centrifuge in past years and tries to buy more sets centrifuge and cuttings dryer for future projects. For the details, we will talk with client when he arrives at our office.

DNV CE Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge has a much wide application. With rotation high G force, it can separate the much fine solids from liquid; the separation efficiency is accepted by professionals in different areas. As a centrifuge professional manufacturer, we focus on oilfield service centrifuge, including centrifuge for solids control, centrifuge for barite recovery, centrifuge for oily sludge treatment etc. From this year, we also developed many other kinds of centrifuge, pls check more from GN industry centrifuges website:

GN Vertical cuttings dryer is another kinds of centrifuges. It is mainly used to recover the valuable oil based mud from the waste cuttings. General working flow: cuttings (discharged from shale shakers) transfer (via screw conveyor) to vertical cuttings dryer, after cuttings dryer, the recovered valuable oil based mud can go back to active mud system for reuse, the dry cuttings can be collected by skips, much easier for transportation.

If local policy need the oil on cuttings below 1%, thermal desorption unit is necessary. We recommend the cuttings can be outsource to TDU service companies. This is much easier for handle. If the client buy new TDU for the project, it is really much higher cost. However, GN can also offer TDU, pls check from GN website of TDU.


In order to treat the drilling cuttings, operators need to check out way to transfer the drilling cuttings to the treatment gear like high G dry skin shale shaker and vertical H cuttings dryer. The most popular opportunity for transfer drilling cuttings is a screw conveyors (Auger Conveyor), and the drilling cuttings send pump.

Part 1) Mess Conveyor for Drilling cuttings transfer
Screw conveyor can also be called Auger Conveyor, it truly is one of the most popular equipment to get transfer drilling cuttings. Advantages for the Auger conveyor will be the simple design, and easy operations, as well as a long length with regard to picking up the cuttings dismissed from the shale shakers or even mud cleaners on the drilling rig mud tanks. Often the disadvantages are that, it can be hard to layout for move from one equipment to the other, for the long distance. Since the conveyor cannot lay at qualification over 45 degree. Which is not good to transfer drilling cuttings with high moisture.
Component 2) Vacuum Pump or even  shear Pump for drilling cuttings transfer.
The vacuum cleaner pump or solids pump are used to transfer drilling cuttings. The big advantages are long-distance transfer with easy configuration, and it can be use to get transfer high moisture drilling cuttings. The vacuum pump or solids pump are generally driven by air, making it safe to operate in threats areas to be explosion explanation. The disadvantage are the power usage for creating air, and never suitable to pick up drilling cuttings from different equipment much like the shale shakers, mud cleaners and decanter centrifuge  on the mud tank.

So most of the cases, workers will combine the drilling cuttings screw conveyor plus the solids pump together to help transfer drilling cuttings for the treatment equipment.

GN Solids Control is able to provide you the actual screw conveyor and drilling cuttings transfer pump for any drilling waste management operations. Furthermore high G drying shaker and vertical cuttings electric drying machine are available from GN manufacturing in stock.

Last week, after months of hard work of all GN staff, 70 containers of solids control equipments from GN Solids Control sailed to Middle East. This is a land mark of not only GN’s company memorandum, but also a breakthrough of China branded solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipment. This order is working for oil service in middle east and work in tough conditions of temperature above 55 degrees centigrade.


Those equipments are of high quality material and per clients’ requests, they are of ATEX Zone 1 standard and with DNV lifting.

GN VFD controlled decanter centrifuges are always popular among the clients and countries in middle east and other high temperature conditions.

For the centrifuge main body, the high configuration GNLW series decanter centrifuges share the same features like:

  1. best bowl material SS2205 by centrifugal casting and such is the highest standard material for oil and gas decanter centrifuges. Many European and USA brands use this kind of material for bowl material.
  2. SKF bearings for stable performance and longer service life. And during transportation, GN has special and gentle solutions for protecting the bearings from being damaged on the rough road.
  3. tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection and special ceramic material for solids discharge ports.

And many other features are applied.


About the VFD control panel, GN has both flame proof VFD control panel and positive pressurized VFD control panel with PLC smart touching screen. The positive pressurized control panel has the self cooling system, and it is more suitable than the flame proof ones in high temperature condition. All the electric components are of international famous brands like Siemens, Schneider and ABB. For this order, because they are of ATEX Ex, some brands and standards are even higher than usual.

After 40 times manufacturing time, GN hard disk drive drilling mud tank is usually ready for delivery for Central East client. When doing several pipelines projects without excavating the road, much better for moving vehicles, hdd drilling computer and HDD mud system is necessary. The two sets mud tank system will be used to get Horizontal directional drilling legal agreements from local government, mud tank system including below objects:

1) shale shaker. Shaker is the first stage regarding solid control sytem. GNZS703 shaker is 3 panel shaker. The 3 panel shale shaker will be used to separate the solids, or sands through the drilling mud, treating potential 500gpm. The carbon iron shaker screen is long lasting for HDD projects, may require 30pcs to 80pcs shaker screen in commodity as per the contracts features.
2) mud cleaner. Mud cleaner is the second phase solids control equipment. After dealt with by shale shaker, the particular drilling mud will be piped to mud cleaner by means of centrifugal pumps. After dealt with by mud cleaner, nearly all particles up to 25 microns can be removed. This standard driling mud without big dust is OK for HDD projects. However , in some particular cases or some government venture, decanter centrifuge will work for the reason that 3nd stage for further remedying of the drilling mud to restore cleaner.

3) This consumer also bought one sets central speed centrifuge with centrifuge skid and feed pump as extra package. All of us already start the set up for the clients and will dispatch them later with whole container for better security.

Except for mud tank system, GN Solids Control also can offer all line of solids control equipment, from shaker, mud cleaner, shaker screen, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, pit pump, decanter centrifuge, centrifuge feeding mess pump, shear pump, mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator ,mud gun, mud tanks etc . If you need virtually any solids control equipment, please contact us freely. We are acquiring OTC oil show inside May, 2016. Pls schedule and appointment if you come to the present.

To maintain the good relationship with some
VIP clients, GN Solids Control have plan to visit some big clients in different
regions. Our target is to conclude on the past projects, do after sales
service, offer free solids control items if necessary, and also talk more new project
coming in near future. This year, we have visiting plan to VIP clients in Iran,
Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, USA, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Argentina
etc. The VIP clients will support 80% sales amount of GN
. We cherish the long term relationship with the VIP clients,
and will improve every year to give better product and service.

GN Solids Control can develop so fast, one
is depending on the high quality equipment and good price. The other is
depending on the fast response after sales service. Our product have been
exported to over 60 countries. The sale amount each year can reach to about
20million dollars. The mainly equipment including:

1) Large quantity of decanter

Every year we export over 250 sets
centrifuge with feeding pumps. About 150 sets centrifuge for overseas market
and about 100 sets centrifuge for domestic market. Most popular model
centrifuge is GNLW363CG or GNLW363CG-VFD. GNLW363CG is GN fixed speed
centrifuge, with 3200rpm /2700rpm / 2200rpm speed. GNLW363CG-VFD is GN variable
speed centrifuge, with stepless adjustable speed from o to 3200rpm

2) Vertical cuttings dryer, not large

The needs of vertical cuttings dryer is not
that higher as decanter centrifuge. We may export about 20 sets vertical
cuttings dryer for drilling waste management.
The drilling waste management conception is also just aroused in past one to
two years. GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer can work similar as CSI
dryer after we test the dryer in drilling site

3) large quantity of pumps

We export large quantity of centrifugal
pumps, shear pumps,
submersible slurry pumps to overseas solids control drilling site and HDD
drilling companies.

If you need any solids control equipment,
pls contact us freely.