decanter centrifuge

Centrifuges are greatly used in solids
control and drilling waste management systems in oil and
gas drilling industry, because it could separate out directly or together with
chemicals the fine and extra fine solid particles from the liquid at a high
rotating speed of the bowl. In a solids control system, it is always used after
the desilter and in waste management systems for drilling cuttings, it is used
after the high G dryer shaker or vertical cuttings dryer. When using together
with chemicals like dewatering, it is used after the dewatering unit.

Normally, what equipment is used to feed
the decanter
? Although in theory, the centrifugal pump could be used to feed
the decanter centrifuges just as the centrifugal pumps are served for the desander and desilter,
the centrifugal pump is not an ideal solution. Mostly practical options are submersible
slurry pump and screw pump.

1. submersible slurry pump: just as its
name, the submersible slurry pump has some part of the body underneath the
liquid, and it is vertically installed on the tank for feeding the decanter
centrifuge. In most cases, it is used for fixed speed decanter centrifuge. comparing
with a screw pump, it occupies less space for install and the price of
submersible slurry pump is lower than a screw pump, because the material and
producing technology is less complicated than screw pumps.

2. screw pump, also called mono pump in
practical uses, the most important parts of the screw pump are stator and
rotator, by rotating of the rotator, the transported media is conveyed evenly
and at a stable speed to the decanter centrifuge. Frankly speaking, this is
more suitable as the feeding pump of decanter centrifuges. GN always match its
decanter centrifuge with Netsch pump, which is a German brand, and the liquid
touching parts are all made of SS316L.

GN keeps research and develop the best
technology to manufacture top quality equipment ,such as Mud Gas Separator,
mud agitator, Vacuum
and other solids control equipment for our clients,

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The company who provides environmental
protection service may have the business for dredging in rivers or lakes. Many
years’ soil sedimentation down to the water bottom, leaves falling into the
water and then rot, and the trash threw into the water will make the river bed
higher and higher which leading the pollution of the water and even the cutoff
of the river flow. Therefore, we need find a solution to take out the sand,
silt and trash at the bottom of water to make the water clean.

To take the solid stuff out from the water,
we need a solid and liquid separation system to do this job. As a leading
manufacturer of solids control equipment, GN solids control luckily
jointed a project to make the lake water clean inside a residence district.
There is a dredging boat that can take the solid mixed with water from bottom
of the lake, the dirty slurry was sucked out and delivered on to the land with
smelly smell.

The slurry is fed via a steel wire box
where large size solid stuff will be blocked and collected. Then the liquid
will be pumped to GN’s solids control system. In this system, GN designed 3
stages for solids control including shale shaker,
de-sander and de-silter. Both the de-sander and
de-silter are equipped with underflow shaker that could make the discharges
from cyclone much dryer. After treated by the de-silter cyclones, the solid
stuff with size larger than 15-20 microns will be removed. And the rest solid
in the slurry is difficult to remove by using mechanical machinery.

Flocculation is a good method to gather the
ultra fine solids in the slurry. Add the flocculation agent into the slurry as
per certain ratio and then fully mix with mud agitators. The
flocculated slurry will need several times for sedimentation and then will be
pumped to belt filter press for final dewatering process. The solids will be
discharged with a thin cake shape, and the water could be discharged directly
back to later or river.  

The advantage of the filter press is to
make the solids much dryer, and disadvantage is high cost and small treating
capacity. Some other contractor will use decanter centrifuge to do the final
dewatering job on consideration of its larger treating capacity.

Before starting today’s article, we would like
to tell that the decanter centrifuge mentioned here is 2 phase type centrifuge
used in to separate the solids and liquid where the slurry is coming from the
drilling site. The slurry includes drilling fluids, oil sludge and so on.

Decanter Centrifuge Applications

On drilling site, the decanter
is used in solids control system as the final stage solids
control equipment to remove the fine solids in the drilling mud or to recover
the barite in drilling fluids. While the decanter centrifuge can also be used
as a machine to polish the effluence discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer in waste
cuttings management system
. In the dewatering system, we can also find the
decanter centrifuge that is used to treat the flocculated slurry in which the
ultra fine solids can be separated out.

How to Operate Decanter Centrifuge as per

GN’s 2 phase decanter centrifuge is always
used to separate solids and liquids. According to different request, we can get
the different discharges. If you want to get much dryer solids, you can
increase the feeding capacity, increase the rotating speed, adjust the liquid
level plate to a low position or reduce the differential speed. By doing any
one mentioned before, you can make the solids discharged much dryer. And if you
reduce the feeding rate, reduce the bowl speed, fix the liquid level plate on
the bowl big end to a high position or increase the differential speed, you can
get a much clear liquid. Sometimes, you need make adjustment for several of the
factors at the same time to get the expected result according the project
request. In dewatering system, the amount of flocculation agent added in the
fluids would change the dryness of the discharged solids and liquid.

GN’s latest C version decanter centrifuge
with VFD control
is an ideal machine to do all the above jobs, as it can be adjusted
easily via HMI system to run at RPM from 0 to more than 3000.

GN Solids Control equipment is
working in over 60 countries and areas. Good performance and reasonable price
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GN Agitator for Nigeria client

have one client from Nigeria engaged in solids control service. The client boss
is operation manager for Baker Hughes Nigeria before. He leaves the company and
starts his own company for over 3 years. During the past years, the client
always buy equipment from us, etc. decanter centrifuge, screw pump, centrifugal
pump, screw conveyors etc. Recently, the client buy 4 sets mud agitator to
replace the old agitators in the mud tank.

GN Centrifugal pump for Egypt

is very important market for GN Solids Control. There
are lots of China brand rig working in Egypt, including big oil drilling rigs
and workover rigs. And solids control equipment is also in large demand every
year. Recently, we have one client from Egypt bought 30 sets centrifugal pump
for Halliburton project.

we only have big quantity of centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryer working in
North Africa, but now we also have many general solids control equipment
working there, eg. Centrifugal pumps, shaker screens etc.

GN brand decanter
for Africa market

brand decanter centrifuge is replacement centrifuge for Swaco centrifuge, or
derrick centrifuge, or NOV brandt centrifuges. They have similar working
principle, similar design, similar production material and also similar working
performance. That is why we call our centrifuge as replacement centrifuge for
USA brand centrifuges. In the past years, market share of GN centrifuge is
going up in fast speed. And the year production of GN centrifuge is also
doubled to meet the market demand.

Solids Control, as China leading manufacturer of solids control equipment &
management equipment
, will surely support each client with high quality
equip9ment & reasonable price.

GN Solids Control can offer complete distinctive
line of solids control equipment, drilling
mud system
. The power origin is various pumps; we live also original
manufacturer with regard to various pumps, including twist pumps, centrifugal
pumps, submersible slurry pumps, shear pumping systems etc .
Recently, we have a number of order ready for delivery, My spouse and i
concluded all the pumps useful for recent project, and find in which pumps
& electric control panels is also big benefit. There are 12 sets
centrifugal pumps, 4 sets submersible slurry pumps, 9 units of screw pumps.
GN Centrifugal pumps & Electric powered control panel
GN centrifugal pumps is replacement for NOVEMBER brandt mission pumps, Pump
shell and impeller is definitely wear-resisting material, pump having Kansai
heavy anticorrosive fresh paint, longer lifetime. We can go with solids control mud
system with centrifugal pump, we can easily also only sell typically the pump
for client’s precise application.
We generally can certainly match electrical control panel & cable to
connect by pump motor to control panel for convenient employ.

GN Submersible slurry pump & Electric control panel
GN Submersible slurry pump can be used for fluids move with big particles. Its
single stage and sole suction slurry pump. The actual pump shell and impeller
no bearing, no canal seal, which can transport wonderful medium of solids
The slurry pump might be installed in mud tank to transfer mud
available, can be installed on mud opening in HDD jobsite.
We are able to also match electric control panel & cable interconnection
from slurry pump generator to control panel.
GN Screw pump & Electrical control panel
GN mess pump is positive shift pump, ideal pump intended for feeding decanter
, as well as to transfer other medium without having agitating.
It is composed of attach pump rotor and mess pump stator; these two pieces are
the major spare parts elements.
We generally use Uk brand Netzsch brand pump, with long-term relationship, we
can make better price for clientele.
We can also match power control panel & cable television connection from
slurry pump motor to control panel.
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