decanter centrifuge

What kind of waste materials can be treated
with thermal desorption unit (TDU)

Thermal desorption unit
is mainly used to treat the waste solids discharged from drilling
waste management equipment
, like vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying
, decanter centrifuge, etc… In theory, all oil type solids whose vaporization
point is below 420 degree centigrade could be treated with thermal desorption
unit (TDU). The oil type solids above mentioned is oily waste with a certain
amount solids, like mixture of mud and sand, the oily sludge after tank

Functions of Thermal desorption (TDU) unit
for waste materials

The pyrolysis furnace roller in thermal
desorption unit (TDU) heat the waste material in spilling way, and the material
is pushed forward by shoveling plates weld with a certain angle on the roller’s
inner wall. If the material is only oily mud, the spilling character would be
lower. The Pyrolysis Oil can be used as fuel oil. Diesel and heavy oil can also
be used as alternative fuel type for the startup and running of the thermal
desorption unit.  

Many people are wondering if the thermal
desorption unit can be used to treat waste tires or not. Below explanation can
be taken for your information.

Generally speaking, the Thermal desorption
unit (TDU) is mostly designed and used for oily sludge or oil waste from oil
and gas drilling field. And it is suggested to be used only for oily sludge or
oil waste. In principle, it can be used to treat the waste tire. But you need
to take out the steel wire from the tires and chock it into small pieces and
add some extra material to prevent it to bond on the drum unit,. And the size
after bond is better no larger than 30mm*30mm*30mm. normally, the thermal
desorption unit (TDU) have the dust removal system for the gas, But depends on
the local regulations, you may need extra treatment system for the discharges.

manufacturers cannot fulfill the customer if they don’t have an adequate
inventory for main or maybe popular requested product within their warehouse.
GN Solids Control, though already the leader involving solids control equipment
suppliers in China market, is actually trying the best to make the inventory
for main equipment in the event any urgent request from clients.
Due to the slowing down on the drilling industry, almost all of the needs on
primary solids control equipment like shale
, mud cleaner even the mud
tank system
are doing the used ones. That may be no doubt a cold winter for
the brand new equipment providers. As a result of consistent efforts on
solutions innovation, competitive cost, most critical the stable performance,
GN solids control still could walk in the snowstorm steadily.

You never know when the market place will get better, so , precisely what GN
did is to retain enough stock and to discover the opportunity. Just like the
old telling, the opportunity always prefers to bump the door of who has
previously made adequate preparation. Including below picture shows:

GN new warehouse keeps Up and down Cuttings Dryer unit intended for prompt
Vertical cuttings dryer unit is the key devices in drilling waste cuttings
drying system, by using this type of system, the driller could easily get a
pitless mud system to save drilling cost through recovery more fluids and also
discharge less solid squander. GNCD930
cuttings dryer
model has already proved by many huge in oil industry
including Baker Hughes, Shell, CNPC, SINOPEC, Greatwall drilling, Shengli
oilfield etc . It could be manage at 900RPM to get 4 hundred G force and
1200RPM to get 750. The adjustable speed is also available.

Suppose the customer buys a cuttings dryer unit, however , absolutely no
decanter centrifuge to enhance the effluence out from the cuttings dryer? No
worry about in which, GN already thought about this specific. That is why there
are 20 products 14” centrifuge kept from the warehouse. GNLW363CG is the best
lover for GNCD930 in spend management system. Besides, this kind of model
centrifuge could also be employed in barite recovery and typical fine solids
separation. 3200rpm / 2700rpm /2200rpm, various speed for different
application, only tell GN what task you want to do, and then we can recommend
the suitable speed for you. GN’s 14” centrifuge speed could possibly be
adjusted by changing the particular pulley or even equipped with a clever PLC
variable frequency generate control panel.

If you have any kind of request on the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge,
simply no hesitate to take up you telephone and dial us.

rules of drilling industry in order to dispose the waste cuttings requests as
less squander cutting disposal as possible. That no doubt pushes the going
contractor to find a better remaining solution to avoid the disturbing
originating from of environmental protection office.
There are 2 options, although not limited, for final convenience of the
discharged waste through the drilling process or some different industrial.
One is to get hot the waste sludge to split up the solids, water along with
oil. This method is called winter desorption treatment. When the going mud is
oil based, the particular discharged waste cuttings through the primary solids
control products
may include water, oil in addition to cuttings. The sludge
is actually firstly conveyed to a huge rotating drum which is often divided
into several compartments. Throughout each of the department, the heating up
temperature would be adjustable regarding the separation purpose. Often the
drum would be injected nitrogen to prevent the burning of the useful oil. The
water and necessary oil would be heated turn into gasoline and then be guided
in a cooling unit, here this and oil would liquefy to realize the separation. Often
the separated oil could be gathered for selling or applied as the fuel of the
energy desorption unit.

It is worthy of to mention is the thermal desorption is always for the waste
sludge with less water written content, otherwise the recovered acrylic value
would not cover the intake of energy like electricity along with fuel.
Differ from the energy desorption, the solidification procedure is especially
used for the water bottom part waste. The waste renforcement unit could mix
often the waste sludge and the renforcement reagent. In this process, often the
hazardous material in the waste material would be isolated as the sludge would
form into inadmissible compounds. Thus the addressed solids could be discharged
and also used for road paving and since construction material.
No matter regardless of what would be adopted, the drilling contractor would
always pre-treat the waste cuttings simply by use the waste cutting drying out
equipment to make the waste significantly dryer so that less gas will be
consumed in warming or fewer reagents can be used during solidification course
of action. The mostly used drying out equipment would involve cuttings dryer, high G push
drying shaker and waste materials decanter
GN Solids Control now could supply the solidification unit and total list of
waste cuttings drying out equipment. If you are interested, this is our website
for more information.

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engineer only came back from a rig construction site for the commissioning of
GN drilling waste dryer system for a Nigeria drilling firm. It is a reputable
drilling corporation. All their rigs are major oil and gas drilling rig 1500hp.
Mostly, they use OBM (oil based mud) or SOBM for drilling. WBM (water base mud)
is not typically used. So waste management system is necessary for them. Just
one the one hand, it is ask by the company for setting protection. On the other
hand, it can recuperation drilling mud for using again, and save their going
cost on chemicals regarding drilling fluids.
Drilling spend equipment GN offered to typically the Nigeria drilling company
1) Drilling
waste decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge is the most popular model to get drilling waste
arena. It is the latest design coming from GN group. It is a 12
inch variable frequency generate decanter centrifuge with utmost. speed

2) Top to bottom cutting dryer GNCD930
Up and down cuttings dryer is popular together with decanter centrifuge
intended for OBM (oil base mud treatment). The VG dryer is made and designed by
GN Solids Control. GN Solids
Control is the No . one particular manufacturer for drilling waste material vertical cuttings dryer

3) Screw pump take care of drilling waste transfer
Attach pump can transfer mud and feed for decanter centrifuge. The screw pump
GN cooperate with a A language like german company NETZSCH. All body fluids
touch material made from Metal 316L. GN can provided good quality with good
price tag.
4) Screw auger conveyer in difference sizes along with transfer length for
waste material cuttings transfer.
GN regular screw conveyer is with 16 feet length for each portion. Customer can
choose 1 portion ~ 4 section for getting length 12 ft, twenty four ft, 36 ft or
even 48 ft. Auger length have 12 in, 12 in and 18 quite a few option.

GN can delivers customized solutions on the drilling waste management field
Delightful you contact GN team freely for solution.

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GN Solids Control is
a leading supplier providing solids control and also drill cuttings management
programs for global clients. Numerous large drilling company or maybe oil
service companies are utilizing GN equipments to treat often the OBM, WBM or
GN decanter centrifuges and also
cuttings dryers
are competing equipments even when compare with UNITED
STATES brands or European manufacturers. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC within
Houston, GN Solids Control is getting to known through more and more drilling
companies on the planet. GN also has one department company in Moscow.
Typically the America is one large sector for GN, it’s a similar for Middle
East. GN delivered more than ten units cuttings dryer to Center East in last
year. Many of these equipment s are also providing with screw conveyors and
also flushing pumps.

GN drill down cuttings management systems like these equipments:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer: a single set
Variable speed dryer can be adjusted by the VFD feel screen. GN used well-known
brands electrical brands for instance ABB or Siemens and so forth
2 . GN Decanter
: 1 set
GN decanter centrifuge is a cost-effective breaking up machine in the oil and
gas location. Due to the perfect quality components, it can be used for a long
time. GN professional engineers have been updating this centrifuge from the
beginning. De dos niveles stainless steel are used for the turning bowl.
Hundreds of tungsten carbide tiles are also fixed for the screw conveyors for
while usage.
3. GN Mud Tank
Mud tank is actually fixed on a compact skid for convenient move.
four. GN Screw Conveyor: two sets
GN screw conveyors are widely used in send drill cuttings in huge density and
viscosity. The important angle is usually within thirty five degree.
5. GN Mess Pumps: 2 sets
Just one set pump for flushing the cuttings dryer just in case the screen
basket obstructed. The other set is used to help pump the drill cuttings into
the decanter centrifuge.