decanter centrifuge

Two phase decanter centrifuge is extensively utilized for oil and gas drilling fluid industry. It focused on the 10~5 microns particle and recovery the pricey material barite. Our centrifuges are exported more than 65 countries and locations with premium quality and competitive price. GN has developed sophisticated laptop or computer programs incorporating the GN decanter centrifuge to achieve the maximum functioning efficiency.

How GN assure the top quality

1. Duplex stainless steel maintain the centrifuge extended time working
two. Bearing is definitely an important component for the centrifuge because it rotary speed is 3000 RPM. We adapt the SKF bearing to assure the extended time running and productive separate the solids
three. VFD manage panel is in a position to versatile adjust the motor speed to meet unique project predicament. Also, the VFD control panel permit the motor running with no the coupler. Each of the electrical elements are SIEMENS or SCHNERDER and ABB transformer.
4. Tungsten carbide tile is screwed around the propeller to guard the solids erosion. Belt fasten is also defend the transport damage for the centrifugal.

GN decanter centrifuge with shale shaker, de sander and de silter comprise the solids control technique to maximum separate the solids and cut down the fluid cost.

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