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The smaller particles, with smaller centrifugal force, cannot be tossed to the inner wall of the Decanter Centrifuge, will be discharged from the overflow pipe with the upward movement of the liquid.

Therefore, inlet pressure is stable at 0.21-0.35 is the necessary and sufficient conditions for a normal work of the shale shaker. try to make the sand pump outlet pressure stabilize in this scale, reducing the underflow hole diameter, the cyclone pressure will larger; otherwise the pressure drop.

But too large proportion of the Desander will accelerate the wearing of sand pumps and cyclones while too small proportion will affect the purification efficiency. Because the centrifugal force and quality is proportional to the speed of the square circle, the heavier particles are tossed to the inner wall of the cyclone under the centrifugal force, then move down to the sand-discharge nozzle. is the owner of the article on cuttings dryer system and cuttings dryer, pls click contact us to know more info.pls visit us

All GN equipment sold pursuant to this agreement, guarantee 14 Months after shipment or 12 months after commissioning, whichever comes first. During the guarantee period, GN will be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material except the wearing spare parts of the equipment and problems caused by incorrect man-made operation, providing GN operating, maintenance and inspection recommendations are followed, and authorized oil filters and lubricants are utilized and replaced at the recommended intervals.

In the event of improper installation, abuse, misuse, improper operation or improper or lack of maintenance of  GN equipment in accordance with GN recommendation and accepted industry practice, this Warranty will become null and void with respect to such GN equipment. is the owner of the article on mud system for sale and mud system , pls click website to know more info.  pls visit us

There are 3/4〃 gas-discharge ball valves at the top of the overflow pipe.  the valves are used to prevent the overflow pipes from siphon phenomenon. It should be halted when start up the desander. And it should be keep open while the machine is working normally.

Normal operation Debugging of the desilter cyclone:make sure the capacity effect of the cyclone by debugging the inlet pipe pressure (0.20-0.40Mpa). Caution: a stability inlet pipe pressure is an important condition for the normal operation of cyclones.

Cyclones with different specifications under different inlet pressure are corresponding to a certain separating scale and separation efficiency. When the proportion of the mud is changing, the larger the inlet pressure, the larger capacity to mud treatment, and the smaller separation particles. is the owner of the article on Decanter Centrifuge and decanter centrifuge for sale, pls click here to know more info.