GN Solids Control has experienced many years’ successful growing in the past days. And these years, GN Solids Control is like a rocket and growing larger and larger in a fast speed. GN has established another branch manufacturing company close to Beijing, which means GN has two main manufacturing and designing centers in China. Besides, GN has one American branch company in Houston, TX and one Russian branch company in Moscow.
For such a large company, clients all over the world give fully support to GN’s growth, and we really appreciated their great help. To serve clients better and better is one of GN Solids Control’s persisting principles and dreams from some degree.
As it’s known to all, GN Solids Control equipment is under careful technical discussions with our clients, and manufactured perfectly by GN experienced workers.

For every solids control equipments, it need to be careful used too. One of the first important factors is the working environment. In order to perform well and for further easy maintenance, solids control equipments should comply with these following principles (take one set of ZJ30 drilling rig mud recycling system for example):
1. Three solids control phases for purification process:
1.1 GN Shale Shaker: screening
1.2 GN Desander: Separate solids diameter which is over 47μm.
1.3 GN Desilter: Separate solids diameter which is beyond 20μm。
2. GN Designed treating capacity:≤250 m3/h,Rated treating capacity:240 m3/h.
3. Temperature Condition:-20°~40°.
4. Mud Viscosity:≤80 S.
5. Climate: rain, snow or fog.
6. Work continuously in rated power.
7. Range of Working Height: Work regularly in areas less than 2500 meters above the sea level; may decrease the efficiency in those over 2500 meters above the sea level.
8. These equipments should follow the standards (SY/T5612-2007) Specification Drilling Fluids.

GN Solids America equipment is liquid/solids two phase separation equipment. The application locations include things like oil & gas drilling mud solids control; horizontal directional drilling mud solids control; and underground project which require drilling mud for lubrication and lower down equipment working temperature.

GN Solids Control have shipped many mud desanding plant to overseas market. The mud desanding plant is used for underground project, bored pile drilling. The customer is from over 60 countries and locations, like South-East Asia countries ( Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, etc.), Middle East countries ( Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.), Oceania countries ( Australia, New Zealand etc.)

Recently, we got one pile desanding plant purchase order from customer in Thailand, they are local famous bored pile drilling ( underground service company. After they come to GN factory, they are impressed with GN factory and GN marketing cases. The details of GN mud desanding plant including below technical specs:
One set double deck mini mud cleaner, including down deck 2 panel shaker screen (750X900mm for each screen) and up deck 1 panel shaker screen (700X1250mm) and 4 ea desilter cones (treating capacity ).
Two sets centrifugal pump, one set for feeding USA desilter cyclone, one set for mixing hopper. One set mud tank to hold all above equipment into one compact skid.

GN Solids America is professional for manufacturing of mud desanding plant, pls contact us for further information.

This desilter is designed and produced by GN Solids America for a famous desilter group. Since GN Solids America has rich experiences in desilter field,We can regard GN’s solutions as turn-key proposal for end-users because GN can produce all equipments.

Equipments for a standard desilter:

  1. GNG desilter for feeding the relevant above.
  2. GNJBQ series desilter,In this case, 15kw desilter was used.
  3. GNNJQ series desilter, for helping mixing.
  4. desilter system for whole system, all devices are from famous world brand Siemens, Schneider and etc.

And, all pipelines and valves are designed to the most suitable position with operators convenience and customers’ cost saving into consideration. That’s why lot of world famous companies choose GN Solids America as their long-term supplier.

Gn also issue some news at relevant website,pls see the links as below:
Drilling Mud Five-stage Solids Control

Application of Drilling Mud Desilter

GNZS6-3 Desilter is actually dealing with body display right here, you can also select body pyramid display while you such as. The actual body display dimension is actually 630x1250mm along with 3 computers display every shaker. 2 Italia Oli Manufacturer 1. 5kw vibrator engine along with 7.0G on as well as capability gets to in order to 528GPM. The actual display container with this body dimension associated with shaker is actually contains gentle (hard) advantage improved display, flat extended, and it is extended through mounting bolts, which could make sure the actual security from the display along with nicely working dependable overall performance as well as simple procedure.

GN Desilter displays through stopping metal-against-metal destruction through taking in jolts brought on by supplies slipping about the display. Additionally acts to maintain the actual display fabric in position. Easy-to-use containers consist of 100ft associated with Guard.

GN Desilter can be used within the exploration business in order to probe the actual material associated with recognized ore debris as well as possible websites. Through pulling out a little size primary associated with rock and roll in the orebody, geologists may evaluate the actual primary through chemical substance assay as well as carry out petrologic, structural as well as mineralogic research from the rock and roll. About us, if you would like more information resources, welcome to our web service platform.

Usually, 1 little dirt solution TNTJ60 along with 1 computer associated with desander cone as well as four computers associated with desilter cone along with or even without having shaker. 2 giving pump motor with regard to desander as well as desilter cone.  Aircraft Dirt Machine SLH100 with regard to combining as well as weighting features.

GN Desilter may be the primary dangerous strong, we have to individual all of them away to ensure the actual high end from the agitator. Help to make the actual strong suspending is going to be useful to individual all of them through Desander, Desilter, as well as decanter centrifuge. However the helpful strong for example weighting supplies such as red-colored metal, barite natural powder plus some bentonite require actually suspension. All this could keep drilling dirt denseness along with other functions constant. Therefore we should maintain agitator operating constantly to prevent strong precipitating. Our network service platform providing the highest quality consulting services and the most authoritative data, look forward to your visit: