drilling cuttings dryer

Drilling waste management system contains several equipment and tank to make a full solution including vertical cuttings dryer for dry drilling cuttings , decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids out of vertical cuttings dryer , screw pump for feed decanter centrifuge and flush outlet of vertical cuttings dryer , air compressor to supply air for air knife on vertical cuttings dryer , screw conveyor to transfer drilling cuttings , mud tank and work plat form to make all process continuously .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the core equipment and will dry drilling cuttings with fluids content bellow 5 percent at 900 RPM rotating speed tank body . The screen can be use 0.25 to 0.5 mm size depending on requirement , one set of air knife will be needed to match vertical cuttings dryer which is powered by one set of air compressor . One set of screw pump will be needed to flush outlet fluids to keep sure fluids will be flow out when high viscosity and density . There will need minimum 2 sets of screw auger to feed drilling cuttings into vertical cuttings dryer , one set horizontal to collect drilling cuttings from shale shaker , desander and desilter , another one to feed drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer .

One set high speed decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids that recycled by vertical cuttings dryer at 2 to 5 microns separate at 3200 RPM bowl speed . one set of VFD control panels is optional , the VFD control panel will change speed of centrifuge bowl from 0 to 3200 RPM but quite big size . If you want small footprint , then you can choose one set of fixed speed decanter centrifuge .

Other than the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge , there will be other equipment to cooperate like screw pump , tank , work form , etc .

One set drilling cuttings process system can contain auger for delivery drilling cuttings , vertical cuttings dryer or Hi G dryer for drilling drilling cuttings , decanter centrifuge to recyclings fluids after vertical cuttings dryer or Hi G dryer , holding tank to keep drilling fluids recycled from dryer , screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge .

Economy Option For Drilling Cuttings Process System

GNZS594E –HB hi g dryer shaker to dry solids after shale shaker from solids control system , it is four decks shaker for longer process distance . This is designed for water base mud drilling cuttings mainly . You can lay the Hi g dryer shaker lower to pick up solids from shale shaker by a hopper or feed by auger after collected .

GNLW363 –CD decanter centrifuge with 3200 RPM bowl speed , it is 30 M3 / H capacity by separate size 2 – 5 microns , the bowl is made by SS 304 stainless steel , ceramic tiles is welded on the tile base , and tile based welded on screw impeller to allow replace ceramic tiles after weared . The bowl length is 1271 mm to make length dia ratio to be 3 . The solids discharge protected by ceramic protection point which is replacable .

Screw pump is the best option to feed decanter centrifuge to avoid damage particals in drilling fluids recycled .

The above configuration is an economy option drilling cuttings process system , the hi g dryer shaker is much cheaper than vertical cuttings dryer . For the buyer ‘s suggestion , please consider your drilling and cuttings conditions before purchase a drilling cuttings process system cause different option get different advantage and disadvantage . Please feel free to contact GN Solids Control for information or suggestions .