drilling cuttings

GN Solids Control just dleiveried one set drilling cuttings process system to CNPC jobsite with engineers help commissioning on jobsite also . That is designed tipically for water base drilling mud drilling cuttings and they choose Hi G dryer shaker and decanter centrifuge for process . This is one of the modular design for water base mud drilling cuttings process with Hi G dryer part and decanter centrifuge part . And they choose another modular for oil base mud drilling cuttings process by vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge also for different drilling conditions .

Vertical cuttings dryer is one of the main equipment for drying drilling cuttings by centrifugal force by screen 0.25 to 0.5 mm size . The drying effenciency between 3 percent to 5 percent fluids content inside which will be good for the result . The treating capacity max 50 tons per hour depending on treating requirement . The bowl diameter size 930 mm and feeding by screw auger .

Decanter centrifuge will be lay after vertical cuttings dryer for recycle fluids content at speed 30 cubic meters per hour by GNLW363 model centrifuge , it can separate solids 2 – 5 microns by centrifugal force . The bowl diameter 360 mm with bowl length 1271 mm by SS2205 stainless material . The screw bolted tungsten carbid tiles on for helping protect screw impeller for longer working life .

Hi G dryer is on economy option for water base mud drilling cuttings process as it is only one third of the price of vertical cuttings dryer . The treating efficiency will be much lower than vertical cuttings dryer but still can be on good option depending on drilling conditions and budget information . Please contact GN Solids Control for more info.

Drilling waste management equipment is designed to dry oilfield drilling cuttings that discharge from shale shaker on solids control system . The drilling cuttings that discharge from shale shaker normally contains some percentage of fluids but we don’t want the fluids content , and wanna to separate the fluids contain out to get dry solids . The vertical cuttings dryer is designed by centrifugal force to separate fluids contain out within 5 percent , so that the dry solids can be delivery away for further process .

Other then vertical cuttings dryer , there will need oil field decanter centrifuge to recycling the fluids content that separated from oil field drilling cuttings . The fluids contain will contains a lot of fine solids cause screen of vertical dryer minimum 0.25mm size hole , one set of high speed decanter centrifuge will be layed after vertical cuttings dryer for 2 – 5 microns separation , the dry solids out of decanter centrifuge will be delivery away for further treatment together with dry drilling cuttings out of vertical cuttings dryer and fluids contain will be transferred into solids control system for re-use .

There can be different of pump for feeding decanter centrifuge , screw pump is the best way to protect solids content to keep more the majority solids can be separated out . The screw pump normally will be lay separately or on the vertical cuttings dryer working frame . It will takes some space on the frame . Screw auger will be used also on feeding of vertical cuttings dryer or transfer other solids content or drilling cuttings to save man power . GN Solids Control build a full line of drilling waste management system , there are more information on GN website or you can ring GN office for more information .

One set drilling cuttings process system can contain auger for delivery drilling cuttings , vertical cuttings dryer or Hi G dryer for drilling drilling cuttings , decanter centrifuge to recyclings fluids after vertical cuttings dryer or Hi G dryer , holding tank to keep drilling fluids recycled from dryer , screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge .

Economy Option For Drilling Cuttings Process System

GNZS594E –HB hi g dryer shaker to dry solids after shale shaker from solids control system , it is four decks shaker for longer process distance . This is designed for water base mud drilling cuttings mainly . You can lay the Hi g dryer shaker lower to pick up solids from shale shaker by a hopper or feed by auger after collected .

GNLW363 –CD decanter centrifuge with 3200 RPM bowl speed , it is 30 M3 / H capacity by separate size 2 – 5 microns , the bowl is made by SS 304 stainless steel , ceramic tiles is welded on the tile base , and tile based welded on screw impeller to allow replace ceramic tiles after weared . The bowl length is 1271 mm to make length dia ratio to be 3 . The solids discharge protected by ceramic protection point which is replacable .

Screw pump is the best option to feed decanter centrifuge to avoid damage particals in drilling fluids recycled .

The above configuration is an economy option drilling cuttings process system , the hi g dryer shaker is much cheaper than vertical cuttings dryer . For the buyer ‘s suggestion , please consider your drilling and cuttings conditions before purchase a drilling cuttings process system cause different option get different advantage and disadvantage . Please feel free to contact GN Solids Control for information or suggestions .

The Hi – G dryer shaker and high speed decanter centrifuge can be worked for water base drilling cuttings treatment for dry solids . This option is a cheaper option for water based drilling cuttings treatment cause Hi – G dryer shaker is much cheaper than vertical cuttings dryer which is professional for oil base mud drilling cuttings .

The Hi – G dryer shaker get exactly same principle with oil and gas drilling shale shaker , the vibrator motors on Hi – G dryer will produce vibrating power for shaker deck vibrating which will help solids on shaker deck discharge at a certain speed and fluids particals wil go though screen holes and drop to a small tank to hold drilling mud .The shaker screen is wedge type installation which will be faster for replace shaker screen and installation .

The high speed decanter centrifuge is an popular model centrifuge on oil and gas drilling industry which already approved working well and better performance . The GNLW363-CD/CG decanter centrifuge will operating at speed 3200 RPM to reaches separating point 2 -5 microns and above . There are other options for decanter centrifuge for higher or lower capacity depending on clients request , GN Solids build decanter centrifuge from 44 GPM to 400 GPM with different bowl size and bowl length to reach drilling applications and different budget on drilling cost and application .

The vertical cuttings dryer will be used for oil base mud drilling cuttings mainly and GN update model will be able working for water base mud also , it can be dry drilling cuttings with water or oil content below 5% by weight .

Please contact GN Solids Control for more information on drilling cuttings treatment system and equipment.