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GN Solids America equipment is liquid/solids two phase separation equipment. The application locations include things like oil & gas drilling mud solids control; horizontal directional drilling mud solids control; and underground project which require drilling mud for lubrication and lower down equipment working temperature.

GN Solids Control have shipped many mud desanding plant to overseas market. The mud desanding plant is used for underground project, bored pile drilling. The customer is from over 60 countries and locations, like South-East Asia countries ( Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, etc.), Middle East countries ( Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.), Oceania countries ( Australia, New Zealand etc.)

Recently, we got one pile desanding plant purchase order from customer in Thailand, they are local famous bored pile drilling (http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/drilling-mud-circulating-system.html) underground service company. After they come to GN factory, they are impressed with GN factory and GN marketing cases. The details of GN mud desanding plant including below technical specs:
One set double deck mini mud cleaner, including down deck 2 panel shaker screen (750X900mm for each screen) and up deck 1 panel shaker screen (700X1250mm) and 4 ea desilter cones (treating capacity ).
Two sets centrifugal pump, one set for feeding USA desilter cyclone, one set for mixing hopper. One set mud tank to hold all above equipment into one compact skid.

GN Solids America is professional for manufacturing of mud desanding plant, pls contact us for further information.

A complete set of GN 500 GPM mud tank technique has been prepared for delivery to Middle East. It is a two-tank mud approach: a single mud cleaning tank program and 1 mud mixing tank system, specially created for HDD drilling applications.

The mud cleaning tank process consist a GNZS703 US shaker screen for the initial stage significant solids particles separation and a GNZS703-1S8N mud cleaner for the separation of solids particles over 20 microns.
The mud mixing tank technique features a mud jet mixer and mud agitators to manage mud specifications. Cuttings Dryer might be sucked from this tank and re-circulate towards the down hole.
GN America has broadly sensible encounter inside the mud tank system design and style and style and manufacturing. Definitely need to you’ve got any request, please be cost-free to let us know, or you can click the link below to visit our website: http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com

This desilter is designed and produced by GN Solids America for a famous desilter group. Since GN Solids America has rich experiences in desilter field,We can regard GN’s solutions as turn-key proposal for end-users because GN can produce all equipments.

Equipments for a standard desilter:

  1. GNG desilter for feeding the relevant above.
  2. GNJBQ series desilter,In this case, 15kw desilter was used.
  3. GNNJQ series desilter, for helping mixing.
  4. desilter system for whole system, all devices are from famous world brand Siemens, Schneider and etc.

And, all pipelines and valves are designed to the most suitable position with operators convenience and customers’ cost saving into consideration. That’s why lot of world famous companies choose GN Solids America as their long-term supplier.

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