GN Mud Gun

In some degree, the mud agitators and mud
guns are more commonly used than the main solids control equipment like the shale
and centrifuges, because besides the solids
control system
, there is also mud plant or mixing plant. In such systems,
they use only mixing hoppers and pumps for treating the drilling fluid and the
main function of the whole system is to storage the drilling mud for the future

In order to keep the drilling fluid from
being deposit to the bottom, they need mud agitators and mud guns to prevent it
from settling down. Normally, every mud agitator is matched with one mud gun,
and each 3 meters ,there is a mud agitator.

GN has variable mud guns available, some
are of smaller horse power while some are of larger horse power. Which one to
choose depends on 2 factors, the first one is the depth of the tank, the deeper
the tank is, the larger horse power of the mud agitator is needed. The second
factor is the mud condition, always, the more sticky of the mud, the larger
horse power mud agitator is needed, it means the viscosity of the mud

GNJBQ series mud agitators,
especially for the larger horse power ones, has 2 options, the single impeller
one and the double impeller one, the double impeller one is more suitable for
the deep tank situations. On the bottom of tank, GN always suggest the end user
to use bottom shaft stabilizer for limit the long shaft to be working within a
suitable range, not to deviate from the center.

The mud guns are used to help the mud
agitators to play the same role, especially for the corners of the mud tank. GNNJQ series
mud guns has 4 options, the 2 inch mud gun and the 3 inch mud gun, each
diameter has 2 options, the fixed ones and the rotary ones. Comparing with
other China brands, GN mud guns use polyurethane as nozzle material, with
longer service life. It is also the most popular choice internationally.

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GN Mud Guns for agitating
GN Solids Control is one of the largest companies in China to provide turnkey solids control solutions in oil and gas industries. During the past years development, GN Solids Control has already become a world famous brand in the solids control field. With the development of GN Solids America LLC and GN Solids Russia, GN will have the chance to service more and more clients, and right now GN solids control and drilling waste management systems have already been used in over 60 countries.
GN is a company that can provide whole solids control project to customers, and on the other side, GN Solids Control is manufacturing various kinds of spare parts such as mud guns, centrifugal pumps, shear pumps, submersible pumps etc. Some of these spare parts are sell very well, and after the clients have used GN solids control spare parts for a while, they come to GN for turnkey solutions because they already have the confidence about the excellent quality of GN solids control and drilling waste management systems.

Today we would like to give you a short introduction about GN Mud Guns. As we all know, GN mud guns are used for flush the corners of the fluids in mud tanks, and they are usually working together with mud agitators. When a mud agitator is keep the solids rotating in mud tank, the mud gun can help to work on the corner due the large working pressure.
There are two common types for GN mud guns, one is a fixed type (which means the mud gun is fixed on a mud tank and can only work for the specific angle), the other type is a rotating one, the mud gun can rotating by adjusting the hand lever on the top. Usually, we recommend customers to use rotating type, although it is a little expensive, it is quite convenient to use. The working length of mud gun shaft can be decided by the height of tank.