GN Solids Control

Leading in the HDD industry for drilling mud taking,
GN have her standing as a professional solids
control equipment
/ system provider. Not only good quality, but also an
excellent soltuion supplier. Not only offering standard systems, which most
manufactures prefer to do, also delivering customized soltions, even when most
of us still recommend the standard treatments.
GNMS500B is a middlized alternative for the 500gpm capacity required projects.
Normally for adding, we use GNMS500D, for big HDD projects, we all use
GNMS500GL. While there even now are some projects, just at the center. Not like
normal piling, just have big particles, and only have to separate the biggest
particles. None like the bigger HDD jobs, need big tank hard drive volume. For
this project, assessed the site arrangement, the client would prefer to dump
the solids squander to the end, not the inside, then we rearrange often the mud cleaner postion.
Some sort of customization on a standard system.

Features of GN HDD CBM Mud Recycling equipment
Complete line Mud System: GNMS-200GPM / GNMS-350GPM and GNMS-500 GPM /
GNMS-1000GPM / GN1500 GPM Self-Contained Mud
Recycling System
Economical Equipments integration: Complete going mud equipments from a
individual source-GN Solids Control Manufacturing.
Fast moved compact system: Small footprint design with quickly connection for
removable components and most parts fixed when traveling meet transport
Confident customer service: We can send each of our experienced engineers for
installment, and training up client engineers.
Mud Tanks Adaptable Options:
Skid Mounted or perhaps Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling
Aquaria available for your options.
For GNMS500B details, pls download all of our brochure from website:
In this project, the client is using some sort of famous Japanese bore adding
machine, and after checked the site by their industrial engineer, finally
choose to cooperate with our value.

GN Solids America set office and storage
facility in Houston America all of us keep stock for shale shaker, mud cleaner along with
decanter centrifuge in Freeport to sell. All the equipment tend to be following
US standard and keep service there to have sure clients receive great service
and equipment support.

There are 2 models that will popular for US market, GNZS703 shale shaker which
is a several decks model with ability 500 GPM mud stream at 40 mesh screen
size. GNZS594 shale shaker is a 4 decks unit with capacity 600 GPM mud flow at
forty five mesh screen size that is certainly narrower and longer. Typically
the shaker deck is Q345 material and heat addressed for better performance. The
GNZS594 model can install upvc composite material screen which will prolong
screen performance life. two sets of vibrator mounted to supply G force bellow
7. 5 G through opposite rotating driven simply by 3 phase generator. a few sets
of shale shaker can share one skid to make delivery easier with regard to

There are different style of decanter centrifuge but GNLW363 decanter
is the most well-known model for oil and gas going solids
control system or maybe drilling waste
the high speed centrifuge, the turning speed reaches to 3200
RPM. One set of VFD control panel can be an optional to modify centrifuge speed
0 : 3200 RPM depending on diverse condition and requirement. There are actually
tungsten carbide tiles bolted on screw impeller with regard to help protect
centrifuge attach and flexible to replace tungsten carbide tiles. The
centrifuge dish material is stainless steel intended for protection. There are
bigger as well as smaller size of decanter centrifuge for optional depending on
various drilling requirement..

As the top manufacturer of solids control
company in China, GN Solids Control not only pursue the high quality products
but also the rest-assured services, that’s why GN can export to over 60
countries with the occupation of the largest international market’s portion
among all China’s solids control
GN Solids Control keeps it in its mind that selecting carefully
raw materials to ensure the top quality. Besides high quality, GN Solids
Control also provides considerate services both before-sales and after-sales.
Before sales contract, GN Solids Control will provide consultancy services with
detailed drawing and specifications. Regarding to the after sales service, GN
solids control provide site commissioning service and spare parts. Now GN after
sales teams areserving in Poland and Nigeria.

Early in this year, GN Solids Control
delivered 3 sets solids control
including shale shaker desander,desilter
decanter centrifuge and mud mixing devices to a Poland customer, full details
at below:
Now GN after sales team in now serving on the Poland drilling site to do
commissioning to ensure the customer can operate it safely and correctly. Also
another after sales team is now in Nigeria to do commissioning for GN VFD decanter
. GN technicians have many years’ experience in Solids Control
and Electric Control. With the support of GN technical department, GN has
always been improving its product and service. So in past years, GN solids
control has enjoyed a fast and stable growth with proud achievements such as
being the first API certified solid control company in China, being the first
solids control company who developed the vertical cutting dryer in China, also
certified by DNV CE, Russia TR&TC, also accepted by big players such as
Baker Hughes, a well known oil service company.


GN Solids Control Equipments in Houston Warehouse
GN Solids Control is a company located in Beijing, which is 40 minutes drive from Beijing airport. In the year of 2013, GN Solids Control registered GN Solids America LLC in Houston which owns the warehouse of about 700,000 SF.
During this two years fast development, GN is getting to known by more and more oil and gas companies in USA, Canada and Mexico. GN is keeping to attend the OTC since 2011, for the customers goes to the OTC will notice GN has two booth this year: one is for GN Solids Control Co., the other is for GN Solids America.
Although GN Solids America is a very new company in USA, experienced GN engineers and manufactures in Beijing headquarter are spare no efforts to supporting the development of GN Solids America. During these two years, GN has shipped many sets of shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers from Chinese factory to Houston warehouse. Some spare parts such as hydro cyclones, bearings, motors, shaker screens have been send here too. For clients we keep contact for long time cooperation, we make the storage plan for them. Whenever they need our solids control equipments, we can arrange the delivery immediately. All of the solids control equipments are storage step by step.

Now GN has 3 sets of mud cleaners, 8 sets of shale shakers, 3 sets of decanter centrifuges as well as some other spare parts in our Houston warehouse. Welcome to have a look when you have time. Yesterday, we just send out one mini decanter centrifuge 223, screw pump and spare parts to our customer’s work site. And now we have one variable speed decanter centrifuge is rented working for OBM separation.
For the American market, GN can provide our solids control equipments with rental service. Customers are welcomed to buy the machine after they do the testing working and satisfied with the working performance. If you are interested with our solids control equipments, please feel free to contact us at

GN takes necessary measures for transporting protectionGN Solids Control has one branch company in Houston, TX. Some solids control equipments such as GN Shakers, GN mud cleaners and GN decanter centrifuges as well as some other spare parts such as GN shaker screens, GN mud guns, GN mud agitators are also stored.Experienced engineers have been sent to Houston branch for the after sales service and training work. GN is trying to provide excellent after sales service in the America market.Now all the solids control equipments are manufactured in Chinese factory in advance, then they are shipped to Houston warehouse. In GN Solids America warehouse, GN engineers will do some assemble work and test running work, every equipment will be fully tested before they are transported to our clients’ worksite. 

As many parts are quite vulnerable in transporting without some protecting measures. The principle of GN solids control is providing the brand new equipments with best quality. So GN engineers will take some necessary measures to keep solids control equipments in a very good condition.
Take GN decanter centrifuge as an example, due to the rotating bowl is quite heavy the two supporting bearings will be destroyed when its keep rotating on the way. So GN engineers will use two cloth belts to tighten the rotating bowl, and two steel bows are supporting the bowl and lighten the heavy load for the two bearings.
The Cover of the decanter centrifuges will be locked with bolts before transport. In order to move the decanter centrifuge conveniently, GN engineers fixed it on a wooden pallet. Some parts will be fixed on the pallet such as discharging port. VFD control panel will be located on a wooden pallet just like the decanter centrifuge.
Some other equipments such as shale shakers, they will be fixed tightly with large bolts in case they are vibrating during transporting.