mud agitator

GN Solids Control deliveried 10 sets of mud
storage tank
to PNG last week , the mud tanks all can be delivery inside of
container to save freight cost . This PNG client has been work with GN solids
control for more than 3 years and the early cooperate was for shaker screens ,
After the screen order running well , they started to purchase other items like
mud tank from GN Solids . Untill now, they already purchased 16 sets of mud
tank from us and all of them meet requirement with happy working solution and
design .

The mud tanks are using 8mm steel for tank
bottom and 6mm steel for tank wall , 2200 mm x 2200 mm size make it can be
delivery inside of container , V type bottom make it easier to clean mud tank
and reduce solids settling down and block . 8 inch mud suction line at bottom
to keep sure mud suction and 6 inch mud feed line to make a circulation . It is
checker plate on tank top with a hole for checking , the hole is covered by a
door to keep sure mud tank is sealed and stop run goes in . Each tank has a
same design and can be connected by pipelines to maximum mud tank storage
capacity , the 4 sets of vertical tank can be lay in a line or square as per
client request and jobsite condition .

Other then mud tanks , GN Solids supply
solids control equipment also including shale shaker , oilfield
decanter centrifuge , desander to separate sand , desilter to separate silt ,
pump for transfer drilling mud , mud agitator for avoid solids setling down .
The electrical control system will be customized as per different equipment and
different standard .

The oil price is keeping down for a very long time since end of last year and this make all the drilling job get very down and delay our cancel to buy new drilling equipment like drilling rig , mud pump , solids control equipment or spare parts cause many rigs stay home without working . Many people that working in oil drilling industry left for the hard time and situation . The shrink on the market brought a big chanllenge to the oil drilling equipment , and solids control equipment as main of GN equipment affect a lot .

GN Solids control is one of the leading manufacturer for solids control equipment , the international oil condition affected GN Solids also and it brings a great difficult to get order from chient . There are many second hand equipment for sale which brings new chanlenge for new equipment . GN Solids Control got a new order for South America for 6 sets decanter centrifuge and 40 sets of drilling mud agitators .

GNLW363 CG – VFD decanter centrifuge is a varied speed decanter centrifuge from 0 to 3200 RPM , the 363 CG is update improved high speed decanter centrifuge with tungsten carbide tiles bolted on centrifuge to keep centrifuge for longer working life and long running time without break down and easy for maintenance . The variable speed control will allow the centrifuge working in during working condition by adjust the centrifuge bowl . It can be fix for a low speed when separate bentonite and set for a high speed for separate very fine solids . The 40 sets mud agitators will fixed on mud tanks that build by client for mud chemicals setting down . There are single layer or double layer impeller depending on tank depth and size .

Mud Recycling System for Core Drilling and CBM Drilling
GN Solids Control has provided many sets of mud recycling system, some of these solids control systems are designed and manufactured on customers’ particular demands.
Take one set of mud recycling system as an example, GN has provided a double function solids control system for core drilling and CBM (coal bed methane). Usually, there are large differences between core drilling mud system and CBM mud system due to these two drilling methods needs different amounts of drilling mud.
For core drilling, the mud system is usually has the treating capacity of 50 GPM, while for CBM drilling, the treating capacity of mud system is reach to 500 GPM.
And the separating demands of core drilling and CBM drilling is not the same, either. Generally speaking, the diameter of solids from core drilling mud system is less than 20 microns; on the other side, the solids’ diameter is usually larger than 20 microns.
This mud system including the following equipments:
1. Mud Cleaner
GN mud cleaner is composed of dual layer shale shaker and desilter. The type is GNYZ 703E-8N, it has 8 hydro cyclones which are made of PU.

2. Mini Decanter Centrifuge:
The type is GNLW223. It is one baby decanter centrifuge that is designed especially for diamond core drilling.

3. Feed Pump:
Using Nemo pump to feed the decanter centrifuge, this pump is a positive displacement type which can avoid agitating when feeding. There are also some other centrifugal pumps that used to feed the desilter, as well as some pumps worked together with mixing hopper on mixing tank.
4. Mud Agitator:
For the mixing compartments, there are several mud agitators located on the tank, GN mud agitator is one cost-effective type for mud agitating.
5. Mud tank:
Here we use one mud tank with the length of 8m. All the above equipments can be fixed on this mud tank.

GN Solids Control Co has been working on solids control equipments and waste management systems for many years, and many clients are keep purchase these solids control equipments from GN every year due to the excellent quality and rest assured after sales maintenance.
Recently, GN Solids Control Co has provided many sets of solids control equipments for our client in Kuwait. This client has purchased GN equipments for th

eir work over drilling rig. When we cooperate with client at the beginning, we showed our willness to have a win-win cooperation by providing solids control equipments with good quality.
And this year this gave us a large order which including 8 sets of GN shale shakers ( the type is GNZS594E-HB), 4 sets of GN vacuum degassers (the type is GNZCQ 270), 4 sets of GN desanders, 4 sets of GN desilters, 32 sets of GN centrifugal pumps as well as 48 sets of GN mud agitators and 8 sets of GN mud hopper.

For the shale shaker, we designed and manufactured a mud distributor for two sets of shale shakers, here we call it dual connection GN shale shaker. So our client has 4 groups Dual Shaker, which has a very large treating capacity, because even one set of GN shale shaker can treating the drilling fluids upto 616 GPM m³/h.
Based on the above solids control equipments, it is obvious to know this is a three phase solids control system that our client wants to use.
1. Shale Shaker
GN shale shaker can separate solids to 100 microns. For this type of GNZS594, the dimension of shaker screens is 585mm X 1165mm, so the screens are replaceable with Swaco Mongoose screens.
2. Vacuum Degasser
The mud come from shaker will be sent to vacuum degasser to eliminate the air in drilling fluids. By using GN vacuum degasser, the drilling mud can be kept in a steady viscosity.
3. Desander and Desilter
GN desander and desiler can separate solids to 20 microns. The cylones on desander and desilter are all made of PU, which is really helpful to have a long time lifespan.

Mud agitator is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, in case of drilling fluid solid phase particle deposition in the tank circulation system, make the circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, homogeneous mixing. Mud agitator under 5.5 KW adopt cycloid reducer, mud mixer is suitable for oil drilling fluid mixing, compact structure, cover an area of an area small; More than 7.5 KW drilling mud mixer adopts turbine worm reduction drive, has big transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc.

Commonly used mud mixer model for JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15. Features are:  1,Using circular cylindrical worm reducer, shaft section for circular cylindrical worm, the worm gear tooth shape is round and worm phase conjugate. 2,Combined with riot gear motor with reducer, easy maintenance, suitable for use in harsh field. 3, The stirring intensity big, wide scope, and reducing the starting resistance moment. GN companies producing machine are domestic and international first-class, received praise from customers in the Middle East.

Structure: this device is mainly composed of riot motor and reducer, frame and BoLun components, motor and reducer connected by rigid couplings. BoLun by four blades welded together. Working principle: BoLun can make the mixing fluid produces eddy motion, thereby enhancing the mixing effect. Sandwiched between blade tray also can prevent mud solid phase particles deposit on the lower leaves after downtime, such use can reduce the sediment of the blade when starting resistance moment, thus avoiding the overload and burn out motor starting. If you want to purchase our equipment, click here to know more.