mud tank

After 40 times manufacturing time, GN hard disk drive drilling mud tank is usually ready for delivery for Central East client. When doing several pipelines projects without excavating the road, much better for moving vehicles, hdd drilling computer and HDD mud system is necessary. The two sets mud tank system will be used to get Horizontal directional drilling legal agreements from local government, mud tank system including below objects:

1) shale shaker. Shaker is the first stage regarding solid control sytem. GNZS703 shaker is 3 panel shaker. The 3 panel shale shaker will be used to separate the solids, or sands through the drilling mud, treating potential 500gpm. The carbon iron shaker screen is long lasting for HDD projects, may require 30pcs to 80pcs shaker screen in commodity as per the contracts features.
2) mud cleaner. Mud cleaner is the second phase solids control equipment. After dealt with by shale shaker, the particular drilling mud will be piped to mud cleaner by means of centrifugal pumps. After dealt with by mud cleaner, nearly all particles up to 25 microns can be removed. This standard driling mud without big dust is OK for HDD projects. However , in some particular cases or some government venture, decanter centrifuge will work for the reason that 3nd stage for further remedying of the drilling mud to restore cleaner.

3) This consumer also bought one sets central speed centrifuge with centrifuge skid and feed pump as extra package. All of us already start the set up for the clients and will dispatch them later with whole container for better security.

Except for mud tank system, GN Solids Control also can offer all line of solids control equipment, from shaker, mud cleaner, shaker screen, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, pit pump, decanter centrifuge, centrifuge feeding mess pump, shear pump, mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator ,mud gun, mud tanks etc . If you need virtually any solids control equipment, please contact us freely. We are acquiring OTC oil show inside May, 2016. Pls schedule and appointment if you come to the present.

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer
of compact design mud recycling
/ cleaning system
for HDD, CBM drilling and water well drilling. GN mud
desanding plant for micro tunneling, piling and other trenchless activities is
also sold well.

GN 500 GPM mud recycling system for HDD and
water well drilling has be dispatch for Middles East. The system is catering
for mobile unit, and can be used for water well drilling, horizontal
directional drilling (HDD), Coal bed methane (CBM drilling), as well as oil and
gas drilling.

Equipment included in the 500GPM Mobile
unit mud system:

1) GNZS703E-ZD shale shaker, 1 ea

It is a linear motion shale shaker with 3
panels. The shaker is equipped with back type feeding box for a lower feeding
height. In case the mud will be flowed to shale shaker directly through

Features of GNZS703E shale shaker

a. It utilizes the most reliable linear
motion for a stable performance.

b. The shaker model utilize pretention
screen, Each screen mounted by 2 ea wedge for fast screen changing.

c. The shale
shaker deck
of GNZS703E shaker is made from stainless steel material for a
better performance of anti-abrasive and longer lifetime.

d. The dumpling spring of the shaker is
steel material internal for more stronger and better performance of vibration
desorption. The spring external is protected with rubber sleeve to prevent
fingers involved in during operation.    

e. The vibration model is chose from
worldwide famous brand: Italy Oil or Martin.

2) GNZJ703E-8S desilter mud cleaner

It is the combination of a shale shaker
GNZS703E and 8 ea 4’’ desilter cone assembly. The 4’’ desitler cone is made
from PU material for long lifetime.

And the cone assembly is removable. In case
needed, the Operator can bolt off the desilter cone assembly and mounted a
feeder box and use it as a separator shale shaker.

3) Slurry pump 1 ea. In case mud maybe stocked
in mud pit, a slurry pump is used as backup.

3) Mud tank 1 ea. The mud
tank is equipped with container block for easy mounted and clocked on the

Leading in the HDD industry for drilling mud taking,
GN have her standing as a professional solids
control equipment
/ system provider. Not only good quality, but also an
excellent soltuion supplier. Not only offering standard systems, which most
manufactures prefer to do, also delivering customized soltions, even when most
of us still recommend the standard treatments.
GNMS500B is a middlized alternative for the 500gpm capacity required projects.
Normally for adding, we use GNMS500D, for big HDD projects, we all use
GNMS500GL. While there even now are some projects, just at the center. Not like
normal piling, just have big particles, and only have to separate the biggest
particles. None like the bigger HDD jobs, need big tank hard drive volume. For
this project, assessed the site arrangement, the client would prefer to dump
the solids squander to the end, not the inside, then we rearrange often the mud cleaner postion.
Some sort of customization on a standard system.

Features of GN HDD CBM Mud Recycling equipment
Complete line Mud System: GNMS-200GPM / GNMS-350GPM and GNMS-500 GPM /
GNMS-1000GPM / GN1500 GPM Self-Contained Mud
Recycling System
Economical Equipments integration: Complete going mud equipments from a
individual source-GN Solids Control Manufacturing.
Fast moved compact system: Small footprint design with quickly connection for
removable components and most parts fixed when traveling meet transport
Confident customer service: We can send each of our experienced engineers for
installment, and training up client engineers.
Mud Tanks Adaptable Options:
Skid Mounted or perhaps Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling
Aquaria available for your options.
For GNMS500B details, pls download all of our brochure from website:
In this project, the client is using some sort of famous Japanese bore adding
machine, and after checked the site by their industrial engineer, finally
choose to cooperate with our value.

manufacturers cannot fulfill the customer if they don’t have an adequate
inventory for main or maybe popular requested product within their warehouse.
GN Solids Control, though already the leader involving solids control equipment
suppliers in China market, is actually trying the best to make the inventory
for main equipment in the event any urgent request from clients.
Due to the slowing down on the drilling industry, almost all of the needs on
primary solids control equipment like shale
, mud cleaner even the mud
tank system
are doing the used ones. That may be no doubt a cold winter for
the brand new equipment providers. As a result of consistent efforts on
solutions innovation, competitive cost, most critical the stable performance,
GN solids control still could walk in the snowstorm steadily.

You never know when the market place will get better, so , precisely what GN
did is to retain enough stock and to discover the opportunity. Just like the
old telling, the opportunity always prefers to bump the door of who has
previously made adequate preparation. Including below picture shows:

GN new warehouse keeps Up and down Cuttings Dryer unit intended for prompt
Vertical cuttings dryer unit is the key devices in drilling waste cuttings
drying system, by using this type of system, the driller could easily get a
pitless mud system to save drilling cost through recovery more fluids and also
discharge less solid squander. GNCD930
cuttings dryer
model has already proved by many huge in oil industry
including Baker Hughes, Shell, CNPC, SINOPEC, Greatwall drilling, Shengli
oilfield etc . It could be manage at 900RPM to get 4 hundred G force and
1200RPM to get 750. The adjustable speed is also available.

Suppose the customer buys a cuttings dryer unit, however , absolutely no
decanter centrifuge to enhance the effluence out from the cuttings dryer? No
worry about in which, GN already thought about this specific. That is why there
are 20 products 14” centrifuge kept from the warehouse. GNLW363CG is the best
lover for GNCD930 in spend management system. Besides, this kind of model
centrifuge could also be employed in barite recovery and typical fine solids
separation. 3200rpm / 2700rpm /2200rpm, various speed for different
application, only tell GN what task you want to do, and then we can recommend
the suitable speed for you. GN’s 14” centrifuge speed could possibly be
adjusted by changing the particular pulley or even equipped with a clever PLC
variable frequency generate control panel.

If you have any kind of request on the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge,
simply no hesitate to take up you telephone and dial us.

GN Solids Control is
a leading supplier providing solids control and also drill cuttings management
programs for global clients. Numerous large drilling company or maybe oil
service companies are utilizing GN equipments to treat often the OBM, WBM or
GN decanter centrifuges and also
cuttings dryers
are competing equipments even when compare with UNITED
STATES brands or European manufacturers. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC within
Houston, GN Solids Control is getting to known through more and more drilling
companies on the planet. GN also has one department company in Moscow.
Typically the America is one large sector for GN, it’s a similar for Middle
East. GN delivered more than ten units cuttings dryer to Center East in last
year. Many of these equipment s are also providing with screw conveyors and
also flushing pumps.

GN drill down cuttings management systems like these equipments:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer: a single set
Variable speed dryer can be adjusted by the VFD feel screen. GN used well-known
brands electrical brands for instance ABB or Siemens and so forth
2 . GN Decanter
: 1 set
GN decanter centrifuge is a cost-effective breaking up machine in the oil and
gas location. Due to the perfect quality components, it can be used for a long
time. GN professional engineers have been updating this centrifuge from the
beginning. De dos niveles stainless steel are used for the turning bowl.
Hundreds of tungsten carbide tiles are also fixed for the screw conveyors for
while usage.
3. GN Mud Tank
Mud tank is actually fixed on a compact skid for convenient move.
four. GN Screw Conveyor: two sets
GN screw conveyors are widely used in send drill cuttings in huge density and
viscosity. The important angle is usually within thirty five degree.
5. GN Mess Pumps: 2 sets
Just one set pump for flushing the cuttings dryer just in case the screen
basket obstructed. The other set is used to help pump the drill cuttings into
the decanter centrifuge.