mud tank

GN Solids Control has provided many sets of mud
recycling systems
for various mud control area or industries, such as HDD,
TBM Drilling, CBM Drilling, Bored Pile Drilling etc. Just in this May, GN
Solids Control just provided one set of 500GPM mud system in HDD area.
GNMS-500GL is one of the most cost-effective mud recycling systems and widely
used in the global world. GN also has some other mud systems to meet treating
capacity demands, such as 200GPM, 1000GPM. Some other customized mud recycling
systems can also be provided based on customers’ working conditions. 

This GNMS-500GL mud system has been successfully working for more than 3
project s during the past 5 months. At the beginning, GN sent service engineers
for installation and debugging. For clients need training or commissioning
service, GN can also send out their engineers.
GNMS-500GL mud system includes the following main equipments: shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud
hopper, mud tank.
Some auxiliary equipment such as mud agitators, mud
mixing hoppers, centrifugal pumps are also included in this system.
GN mud recycling systems are very popular in many regions or countries, such as
South America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, India, Korean, Burma and
Indonesia etc.
With the fast development of GN Solids Control, GN mud systems are exported to
over 60 countries. Most of those GN mud systems are being used in abroad,
nearly 70% are exported from China. And with the establishment of GN Solids
America LLC, GN solids control equipments and drilling
waste management systems
are widely known by North American companies.
GN Solids Control also provides decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, Hi-G
shaker for WBM, OBM or SBM treating. At the beginning of 2015, GN also provided
some sets of solidification unit to treat the drilling cuttings separated after
cutting dryer, centrifuge. In the near future, GN will launch a newly upgrade
cutting dryer to treat the WBM especially.

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We have over 70%
project from oil & gas drilling. The other 30% sales amount is from
HDD/CBM/WATER WELL DRILLING application, we offer compact
mud system
for this area and the feedback is very good. Recently, we have
one 350gpm standard design mud system for sale. The mud system can used for HDD
drilling / CBM drilling / water well rig drilling. The 350gpm mud system


1) one mud tank with all the solids
removal equipment upsides.

2) one double
deck shaker with 4ea 4’’ desilter
cones. The drilling mud can be treated by double deck shaker first, then
centrifugal pump can feeding the drilling mud to desilter for further
treatment, after that particles above 25microns can be separated, and the
drilling mud can go to mud mixing tank with mud hopper to get correct mud
property and for reuse.

3) one mud agitator to
mixing the mud & suspending the mud

4) one mud
hopper for adding more chemicals to adjust the property of the drilling mud
before feeding for HDD rig machine.

We just have
this mud system showed in Australia show, pls see more from website:

Except for 350gpm mud system, GN Solids Control can also offer other
capacity mud system from 200gpm mud system/350gpm mud system/500gpm mud
system/700gpm mud system /1000gpm mud system etc.  Our technical team makes it to standard
design for all the mud system and make it easy for transportation and
operation. For details, pls read from GN website:  HDD & CBM Mud Recycling System,


Except for compact mud system, GN Solids Control also offer big
capacity mud system for oil & gas drilling. We have domestic client like
COSL buy 4 sets of 1000gpm mud system for offshore drilling in year of 2014. And
also buy 1 sets 17sets mud tanks mud plant system from us in year of 2014. Pls
read more from GN website:

Any requirements, pls contact us freely.

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In some degree, the mud agitators and mud
guns are more commonly used than the main solids control equipment like the shale
and centrifuges, because besides the solids
control system
, there is also mud plant or mixing plant. In such systems,
they use only mixing hoppers and pumps for treating the drilling fluid and the
main function of the whole system is to storage the drilling mud for the future

In order to keep the drilling fluid from
being deposit to the bottom, they need mud agitators and mud guns to prevent it
from settling down. Normally, every mud agitator is matched with one mud gun,
and each 3 meters ,there is a mud agitator.

GN has variable mud guns available, some
are of smaller horse power while some are of larger horse power. Which one to
choose depends on 2 factors, the first one is the depth of the tank, the deeper
the tank is, the larger horse power of the mud agitator is needed. The second
factor is the mud condition, always, the more sticky of the mud, the larger
horse power mud agitator is needed, it means the viscosity of the mud

GNJBQ series mud agitators,
especially for the larger horse power ones, has 2 options, the single impeller
one and the double impeller one, the double impeller one is more suitable for
the deep tank situations. On the bottom of tank, GN always suggest the end user
to use bottom shaft stabilizer for limit the long shaft to be working within a
suitable range, not to deviate from the center.

The mud guns are used to help the mud
agitators to play the same role, especially for the corners of the mud tank. GNNJQ series
mud guns has 4 options, the 2 inch mud gun and the 3 inch mud gun, each
diameter has 2 options, the fixed ones and the rotary ones. Comparing with
other China brands, GN mud guns use polyurethane as nozzle material, with
longer service life. It is also the most popular choice internationally.

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Mud recycling system is well used for oil and gas drilling , coal gas methan , horizontal directional drilling ( HDD ) , diamond drilling and other drilling mud industry . When the mud recycling system working for HDD drilling , there will be some key point that different for other drilling industry .

Main Key Points Of HDD Mud Recycling System

Point 1 , it will require 2 sets of mud recycling system cause there are 2 rigs drilling a hole together at a close position . But for other vertical drilling , there will be one set of drilling rig and one set of mud recycling system .

Point 2 , it will need economy cause profit is low in HDD industry , just as every body say , if there is a centrifuge , it will be good for recycling but seldom people choose a centrifuge cause save money and power .

Point 3 , it doesn’t require very high for drilling mud , so the requirement of recycle drilling mud is not high also . The horizontal directional drilling not drill deep , and just several meters under ground , so the drilling mud quality not required very high .

Point 4 , it need compact design and can be move and transport fast . So the design of themud tank , pipeline and other details need be very compact , many client need container size tank or trailer mounted mud tank , handrail and walk way can be folded down or up , the equipment can be easy installation or diassemble , or all equipment lay on top of tank while moving .

GN Solids is one of a professional supplier in the world for HDD mud recycling system and already did many project for all over the world . Please contact GN Solids for more information .

GN Solids Control built one set of mud plant for North America including 4 sets of mud tank , 1 set of shale shaker , 2 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge , 2 sets of submersible slurry pump for feeding decanter centrifuge and tank attachement . The mud plant normally close to drilling area where may allow many drill rig working but treat drilling mud together or after finish drilling . It will be contain high volume of drilling mud and need equipment to separate drilling cuttings and fine solids out of drilling mud .

Main Equipment Will Be Used For Drilling Mud Plant

Shale shaker will be required to separate drilling cuttings , depending on mud plant size and capacity , client will choose different model and quatity of shale shaker . This client choose one set 2 screen shale shaker for about 200 GPM mud flow capacity .

Decanter centrifuge will be required to separate fine solids after treatment by shale shaker , the shale shaker will treat about 150 microns by 100 mesh screen , then one set high speed centrifuge will separate solids 5 microns and above or 7 microns and above by middle speed decanter centrifuge . There are different models from GN Solids with different treating capacity and treating effictivity .

Mud tanks will be require to storage dirty and clean drilling mud before and after treatment , normally they will require many tanks to storage clean mud after treatment as they need some spares in case no space for dirty mud treatment . The mud tank size can be customized depending on jobsite condition and requirement or clients requirement . Many clients choose 40 feet container size mud tank consider of transport locally but some client like more capacity of mud tank to save space .