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Shaker screen is one of the most important spare parts for drilling companies. Especially for oil drilling companies, they need to budget large cost for each year’s screen use. To support the screen market better, GN Solids improve and enlarge the shaker screen production line. Now, GN Solids have 5sets production line to support the global screen request.

1) The GN screen can fit for which brand shakers ?

  • Replacement screen to fit for Derrick FLC2000/ FLC500 shale shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for NOV Brandt king cobra/ VSM 300 / VENOM shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for Swaco Mongoose PRO/ Mongoose PT/ MEERKAT shaker
  • Replacement screen to fit for FSI 5000 / FSI 500 … and so on.

For big request, we can also open new module and customize screen for clients.

Shaker screen working performance will be decided by many different factors, including drilling phase, mud weight & viscosity, overall condition of shale shaker etc. When it is need to test screen, it is better to make sure the conditions are same as much as possible. And compare the screen working performance from different supplier.

GN Solids Control is China & USA based leading brand for solids control & drilling waste management. Similar to Swaco / Derrick / Brandt Company, GN can offer complete mud tank system, or each item including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, mud tank, etc. Different from the US brand company, GN only offer product, don’t offer service. However, the US brand company may offer product & service with local service center.

Among the spare parts, shaker screen is with large quantity and cost for drilling operation. GN Solids have developed over 5sets production line in the second new factory; can offer OEM shaker screen for popular US brand shakers. Including:

  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for Derrick FLC500 / Derrick FLC2000 pyramid screen / flat screen
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for NOV Brandt king cobra / Venom flat screen, composite material & steel screen.
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker flat screen, composite material & steel screen.
  • Replacement OEM shaker screen for FSI 5000 shaker / SCOMI shaker etc., composite material & steel screen.

For clients who have big potential requirement, we can offer screen sample for free & client burden the freight cost. You can compare the GN screen & original supplier screen under same drilling condition and mud condition. We have confidence you will come to GN to buy more screens.  Reliable or better working performance, reasonable price, and fast delivery, all this features make GN OEM shaker screen to be the best Choice for clients. For any request, pls send email to sales@gnsolidscontrol.com

The drilling waste management also called horizon directional crossing mud systems, solids control is a specialized manufacturer of horizon directional crossing mud system manufacturers, our company horizon directional crossing mud engineers has over a dozen years experience in systems design and production, our company has a mature production processes and quality control system. Recently my company to Indonesia, Singapore, Libya and other countries exporting several sets of trenchless horizontal directional crossing systems, clients are satisfied with the feedback received.

I can to be configured according to customer needs in different scenarios, based on rates for the most cost effective way to provide customers, solid control with reliable customer service, our engineer will provide satisfactory after-sale service, and can provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of training.


USA drilling waste management of GN america company  applicable in oil and water well drilling mud circulation jobs. The machine  uses a low-voltage and large-displacement pump and a high-voltage, small-displacement reciprocating piston pump in mud pools and cycling between the main line connected in parallel. Two configurations of drilling pump centrifugal pump with reciprocating piston pump could be changed to, configure two centrifugal pumps by controlling valve switching, implement the two centrifugal pumps series or parallel two connections. USA drilling waste managementcan satisfy all sorts of mud cycle operation of the wells, wells, especially without the use of more than one work of drilling pump large displacement well drilling mud circulatory problems. the information  as  well  as GN’S  drilling  waste  management  visit  here to  know  more .