Shale shaker tank is the first phase separation in drilling mud system. The performance is mainly based on the shale shaker quality, and the shaker quality is mainly based on the shaker screen working performance.

GN Solids Control is complete line solids control equipment company, even the shaker screen, it is produced by GN own workshop. We welcome visitors to check GN screen workshop in suburb of Beijing, China.

1) What kinds of shaker GN can offer ?

GN can offer shale shaker as per client’s request. We even can design shaker for client if required in large quantity. For standard items, GN have 3 type shaker model for option.

First model: 2 panel mini shale shaker, mainly used for diamond drilling / mining / piling etc. Small capacity required for shale shaker.

Second model: 3panel shale shaker, which can be used for oil drilling mud system, workover rig system, HDD etc. This model shaker is popular as good price and less consumption on shaker screen quantity. But the performance will not as good as 4 panel shakers.

Third model: 4 panel shale shaker, having similar application field as 3 panel shale shaker. With the longer shaker deck, the working performance will be much better than 3 panel shaker. However, the consumption on shaker screens will also higher cost.

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2) What kinds of shaker screen GN can offer ?

Firstly, GN can offer all shaker screen model for GN own shale shaker type.

Secondly, GN can offer many popular replacement shaker screen for US brand shale shakers. Including:

Replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC500/2000 shakers

Replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shakers

Replacement shaker screen for NOV brandt king cobra /VSM shakers.

Replacement shaker screen for FSI5000 shakers / SCOMI shakers

The client can also offer screen photo with size drawing, we can customize screen for clients.

We have lots of clients from overseas to inquiry shaker screens. The shaker screen is much different from different China supplier. We strongly recommend client to check the supplier factory before purchase, or to test some samples before big quantity order.

1) If you are clients from Asia Pacific, or Middle East, or Africa, or Russia area,

We recommend you come to China check GN factory and GN production line of shaker screen. During the visiting, the client can have a complete knowledge of GN production strength and thus compare with other screen suppliers, and make wise decision finally.

Some clients only focus on price and buy the cheapest one. These kinds of contract generally will lead to screen performance failure in the rig site, leading to big loss in for the drilling company.


2) If you are clients in North America or South America, we recommend you come to GN Solids America facility to check. You can talk with our managers there, and check the real products. Test some samples in several pcs first, then we have confidence that you will satisfy with the working performance.

Except for shaker screen, you can also see other GN Solids Control product in GN Solids America warehouse. Vertical cuttings dryer is the key product to treat the drilling cuttings. If you need it urgent, we can arrange shipment very fast to any countries in North America or South America.

Decanter centrifuge, we have fixed speed centrifuge and variable speed centrifuge there. Fixed speed centrifuge with three speed option, to apply for different job condition, price is much better. If the budget is enough, we recommend variable speed centrifuge which speed can be adjusted very convenient.

There are also some centrifugal pumps, screw pumps and mud hoppers there. We welcome clients to check GN Solids America.

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If a shaker has many screens (1 over the top of a further), separation is determined by the finest, or bottom screen. The coarsest screen need to constantly be the prime screen. It really is crucial that the bottom screen be checked typically for tears. (See operational suggestions in the finish of this section.)
If a shaker screen has multiple screens in series or if parallel shakers are utilized, separation is determined by the coarsest screen. Shakers in parallel should really use the very same mesh screens. (See operational suggestions at the finish of this section.
Gumbo poses significant problems for screening devices such as shale shakers. Gumbo in a water base mud tends to stick for the screen and is difficult to convey off the screen. Gumbo will not convey out of a pool of liquid and most “high-performance” screening machines will have to become tilted down to enhance the conveyance. The shaker screen ought to be cleaned and initially tilted downhill to 15 degrees, flow ought to then be fed to the unit. The deck angle should really be tilted downhill until the gumbo moves continuously from the feed till it discharges over the finish of the unit. A modify in screen mesh may possibly be required. Some rigs have-devices, referred to as “gumbo busters”, constructed into their flowlines to get rid of the gumbo. To lessen solids loading effects and also the effect of gumbo, a “scalping” shaker or rotating belt which include Derrick’s Flo-LineTm Scalper could be utilized. The scalping shaker will not have to be a high functionality shaker and should really be run with eight to 10 mesh screens. Running finer screens on this shaker will generally demand far more than one particular scalping shaker to meet screen area demands for fluid throughput. Other devices which use a non-vibrating rotating mesh belt, such as Derrick’s Flo-Line Scalper, are useful in removing gumbo ahead of higher functionality shakers.

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